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Thread: Trying to use an XBox 360 controller with my pc emulators

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    Default Trying to use an XBox 360 controller with my pc emulators

    im just trying to find some help with connecting an xbox 360 controller to a pc and use it in my emulators. I bought a controller from amazon(not official microsoft) and the wireless adapter(official microsoft) and am having problems with connecting it. Drivers for it from microsoft page only show being compatible with windows 7.

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    Option 1: Get a wired XBOX 360 controller(doesn't matter if 3rd party)
    Option 2: Get a Micro$oft 360 wireless controller so it will work with your adapter.
    Option 3: Get pretty much any other official brand XBone/PS3/PS4 controller and connect via charger wire.

    Branded adapter with off-brand controller is almost definitely not going to work, see if you can get your money back on the controller.

    I have read that those wireless adapters are very prone to breaking within a few days, so you're probably going to save yourself a lot of hassle by trying to get a Wired XBOX 360, Wireless PS3 with charger wire(or Bluetooth adapter), or later console controller.
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    The wired specific controller type: "XB360 Controller for Windows" is probably the way to go.

    As you can read there Windows 10 will apparently download the necessary appropriate drivers automatically.

    You are unlikely to get that happening with a third party XB360 controller, have you tried updating/installing a driver using Device Manager? If that does not work a driver finder might do the trick.

    At this stage you would have expected any XB360 type controller to provide Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 drivers as part of the package because even on Windows 7 or earlier Windows OS official XB360 controllers won't function without installing the correct MS driver.

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    This one on Amazon worked for me:
    Up to 4 controllers, so far I've had it over 2 years. Manually look for the drivers in "Device and Printers" section. Issue might be fixed if ya update manually the driver.
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