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    Hello dear director of the site, it's possible for you to play Wrestling 2011 in a revamped version, for example, 4 to 4 or 3 in 3 rings because I like this kind of busy games, if it's possible, for example, you have access to the game. Tell them to do this or you can use this patch using this patch if it is possible for a world to thank you for answering me earlier. Email me .REZATOFANI9876 @ YAHOO.COM

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    Don't think there are any patches or mods for this game as it was consoles only. 3 on 3 matches can be created in the 6man section of match modes though - several types like a standard 3 on 3 tag or even a batlle royale (free 4 all) etc.

    There's nothing I can see about 4 on 4 unless you can bring a manager in for each 3-man team Looks like the closest would be a 10 man Royal Rumble.

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