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Thread: PAL on NTSC Softmoded Original Xbox Issues

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    Default PAL on NTSC Softmoded Original Xbox Issues

    Hi and Hello Everyone. i have an issue with my softmoded original xbox. the issue is that when i put in a backup pal game into my softmoded ntsc xbox, the screen goes black and returns me to the dashboard. if anyone could give me an answer, or better yet, a fix, please let me know

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    I have a PAL Xbox and a few NTSC games don't work. To get around this, use a tool called Enigmah Video Mode Switcher, it allows you to change the region of your Xbox from NTSC to PAL and back again.

    There's a download here:

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    It really is just a few, by far the majority of PAL Xbox games include NTSC/480p support. So if all PAL backup games you've tried are doing this unless you've been phenomenally unlucky in your choice it could be something else.

    So use Enigmah and if swapping back to PAL works for the games concerned then it is what jackhammer suggested: simply a regional support issue.

    If it is a more general issue though it might help to know: what Xbox version you are using, dashboard (UnleashX/XBMC), softmod method/type and the specific games causing this problem. If it is all backups then it could even the disc media being used: DVD-R is the only type universally compatible across all the disc drive makes used in the original Xbox,.
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