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Thread: [VC] [NES] Double Dragon II - The Revenge [Injection]

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    Default [VC] [NES] Double Dragon II - The Revenge [Injection]


    Double Dragon II - The Revenge on Wii Virtual Console
    The file format is *.WAD. Do not ask me how to install it, you must use a WAD Manager.
    The *.WAD is also Region-Free, so no extra modifications like Priiloader's Menu Hacks aren't required.
    WARNING: This file is injected, meaning that some parts may be unstable. I'm not responsible for any damage to your Wii.
    (The only problems I still have is that the Save File uses the text & icons from the first Double Dragon, same with the Operations Manual)!pB53Xa6a!FuK9Sx7tR...GpmG4DNhfiiTSU
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