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Thread: Sega 32x and Sega CD Model 2 - Strange Error message

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    Default Sega 32x and Sega CD Model 2 - Strange Error message

    I recently picked up a broken Sega CD Model 2 and a broken Sega 32x. A quick change of the fuse for the Sega CD = fixed. Some deoxit cleaner and the x2 ribbon cable troubleshooting for the Sega 32x = fixed.

    I'm using a model 2 sega (VA0-1 can't remember) with all OEM powercords and a good scart cable which has given no problems in the past with the same model 2 sega. I don't have the spacer for the 32x, but It sits well and doesn't cause color issues.

    Here is where it gets odd. Both the Sega CD and 32x work fine, however the Sega CD has some issues when the 32x is attached....

    -Sometimes the Sega CD bios/menu will have strange glitches.
    -Ecco the Dolphin #1 boots to a black screen and #2 gets a strange error (see attachment)

    Sonic CD and EWJ Special edition backups will boot fine and have no problems when the 32x and Sega CD are attached. Also the same ecco 1 and 2 backups will work when the 32x is disconnected.

    I have a Sega model 1 HDG VA3 that I will test it out with as soon as a OEM powerbrick comes in (currently using the only one I have with the Sega CD atm)

    The only 2 things I have that might be causing it:

    -I have right now it a homemade 32x patch cable to the Sega Model 2 - it's literally 8 insulated wires that has been rigged up while I wait for a proper patch cable to come in. 32x looks fine when using it, but it's not a real cable.

    -Sega CD model 2 doesn't currently have the internal battery hooked up (waiting on ebay lol)

    Any help or guesses would be appreciated. I will report back as soon as I can test with the Sega Model 1 and/CMOS battery/ Sega 32x patch cable.

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    Alrighty, Round 2:

    So I was able to replace the CMOS Battery and recap the unit with a kit from Console 5.

    Both Ecco games now boot a bit further with the 32x installed. Ecco 1 will actually play but has glitches and Ecco 2 will get much farther (with glitches) before restarting the system.

    I'm still waiting for the power brick for my Model 1 Sega, will test that out.

    A new problem that has been introduced however with just the Sega model 2 and Sega CD model 2- there is some extra noise coming through sound on the Sega CD Bios screen - it's like a faint hiss or static, when running the audio through the Sega. What's odd is if I run the audio through the RCA jacks on the Sega CD it's fine. Not sure what is going on there, any thoughts?


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