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Thread: Isobuster help!!!

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    Default Isobuster help!!!

    Im trying to create an image file from a game with multiple bin files. following a guide from this site its says the following...
    download and install ISObuster
    Run ISO buster
    Hit File then Open Image File
    Select the cue file (or ccd file)
    This should now show a list of tracks on the left
    Hit File then CD then Extract CD <Image> then RAW (*.bin *.iso)
    Change the Save Type from *.iso to *.bin
    In the File Name: text box, rename the output file (do not forget to change .iso to .bin on the end of it)
    Change the destination folder if you like then hit Save
    After this has completed you will then be asked to save a cue file, just hit Save

    I get so far, by loading the CUE file, but when I do that nothing happens, except it gives me the option to open more files...


    Is this the "list of tracks shown on the left" bit, if so when I open all the tracks nothing happens, there is no CD option under FILE, nor is there an EXTRACT CD option...

    Can anyone offer any advice on whats going wrong

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    Up the top you have
    File Options Help...etc

    click File

    From there you should be able to follow the instructions.

    Spoiler warning:

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