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Thread: How is the beebox for emulation?

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    Default How is the beebox for emulation?

    I am getting tired of the raspberry pi. I need something with alot of power, powerfull enough to play xbox(I hear it kinda sucks anyways.), everything mame,n64, higan some arcade games and down. Maybe arcady style games on steam that it can run
    Thinking in buying big box software. Stick a billion games onto it and call it a day.
    would like to acheave 4k. But is integrated graphics enough for the newer systems emulaters.
    Most emulators don't really use gpu power anyways.
    Thinking in getting this
    It says 2.8 in the title and 2.3ghz in the description(so confusing). If I can get a 2.8 model and overclock it a bit if possible to get the 3ghz or more, if I can fit a after market cpu fan in there for better results (mostly cause of higan and accuracy emulators. Or I can get a cheeper model grab a used cpu 3ghz or more cpu for hella cheep from ebay and drop it in that's if it supports regular cpu's and not custom or laptop cpu's.

    Depending at the time I plan on getting this I may change my mind and just get a new computer and just make the computer I have now smaller form. I currently have a ivy 3.5GHZ with a full size 680. Basicly find a small case maybe a smaller case,cpu, mother board all used if possible.

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    Xbox emulation virtually doesn't exist. Just a couple crappy emulators that only run a few commercial games and then not very well and one dedicated to Halo which you can get for pc anyway.

    Looks like that system would work fine but if you want to run higher end emulation like PS2, Gamecube/Wii etc you're going to need a dedicated videocard. Integrated gpus especially Intel ones suck for it and have a tendency to overheat especially with PS2 emulation for some reason.

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    Meh I have a ps2, wii there both soft modded. So im good there. I dought anything mame needs the gpu power.
    Thou it's a newer board meaning newer version of integrated graphics so it can't be that bad.
    Like I said mostly MAME, higan, final burn alpha and light arcady style games on steam. I know higan or accuracy emulators needs alot of cpu power.
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