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Thread: Why do I suck at Multiplayer Games?

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    Default Why do I suck at Multiplayer Games?

    So I don't really mean for this to be a 'thought of the day' post, but recently it's occurred to me that I kind of suck at playing games in multiplayer with other people. And I'm not quite sure why that is.
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    I play games a lot. I've been into video games since I was a child, and I'm 26 years old now. I've owned many consoles and handhelds, and played games on the computer. Most of that time was spent playing single-player games, though admittedly, I probably haven't beaten as many games as I should have given that time frame - I chalk it up to being to OCD about completing things in games.

    But whenever I play video games with other people, it usually doesn't seem to go very well for me.

    In FPS games, I often die more than I kill other players. I am frequently coming in last place, or else a low rank. In MMOs I never fared too well, I think the highest level I attained in WOW was maybe 50 or 60, if that.

    Whenever I try to play games with friends, it usually starts off alright, but then we end up playing the game for different things, or want to do different things whenever we do play, and usually they end up with a higher rank and level than me and I don't really have much to show for my time with the game.
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    A little bit ago I was playing some Hearthstone, and I narrowly managed to win one random match, but during the second one I felt like I had all of my dignity pretty much taken away within about eleven turns.

    I don't know why I'm not any good at playing games against or with other people. I'm just simply not. I'm happier playing games alone, with a CPU.
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    Does anyone else feel this way?

    I'm not sure why I can't compete, or even have fun playing games with other people.
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    The more you play online, the better you get. Obvious but true. Some people are naturally more skilled than others but, in general, don't expect to magically be/get good unless you invest some time and dedication to it.
    Also, watching other people playing and having a community to talk about tech aspects of the game also help to learn and improve.

    As for me, I'm not really interested in gaming online, it requires too much time and effort. I like to play games at my own pace so solo gaming is the best option for me.

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    I agree with Cookie. I play games online sometimes on Steam, I did a little bit of online play with PS3/Xbox360 and PS4. I'm not super great at multi-player focused games either, but I don't really care for them. Like Cookie said they take a lot of time and effort, I also prefer to play games at my own pace. So single player games are great for me. I kinda don't like how there is a focus on this whole multiplayer game aspect. Even when there was that whole single-player games are dying bs, that crap really irked me.

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    I don't play too many online or multiplayer games either, but there's a major thing I've learned over time from playing (and losing at) Doom and Ur-Quan Masters: The way the computer plays and the way a human plays are often quite different. You've trained yourself to recognize and overcome the computer's logic but not a person's. And that represents both fallibility and optimization. Humans are adaptable, but make mistakes. They compensate for those mistakes in interesting ways. Look at PC chess games as an example, with old game histories in front of you - there are many times where the CPU will make a judgment different from a human expectation for some esoteric goal. It may win, it may not, but it will rarely play like a person.

    Same goes for OpenTTD, Civ games, Master of Orion, MegaMek, you name it.

    Also, with regard to Doomclones; your reaction time may simply not be up to the level of others' expectation.

    And the other point is, your experience and interest is not in the multiplayer objective of these games. Consider shifting your MP experiences to a non-twitch non-competitive game like Minetest, and looking at playing Mario Party with your friends. You'll see a difference happen as you become accustomed to the minigames.

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