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Thread: Issues getting MAME roms to work

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    Angry Issues getting MAME roms to work

    For xmas my brother made me a Raspberry pi 3 with retropie installed. He loaded up some games for me to enjoy right off the bat and it's been so much fun! I started my journey on setting up WinSCP and transferring new roms to play. It has been a relatively smooth experience except for using MAME.

    MY QUESTION/PROBLEM: The game I want to play, Captain America and The Avengers, won't work (I have the genesis version but it's not the same). The game just goes to a blue screen asking which emulator i want to use and then fades to black and returns to the MAME game select screen. I've even tried a file that was suggested I use with it. The only MAME games I can get to work are Superman (japan) version and Great 1000 Miles Rally. I'm sure some others work too but not the ones I want to work. What am I doing wrong? I've tried them in the Arcade, FBA, Liberto and mame4all folders.

    This list of games all seem to work. what is the difference between these roms and Captain America and The Avengers?
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    you need the to play the rom, besides of course, all nescessary mame bioses to play some 95% of games, even in a rpi3, which, of course,can't play some of the most hardcore cames in the yuge mame catalog.

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