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Thread: best saturn emulator?

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    Default best saturn emulator?

    been wanting to play some fighting games on the saturn. I don't have the most powerful setup, but i can run Soul Calibur 2 in Dolphin just fine, as well as run PPSSPP with no trouble at all. I had heard of a few Saturn emus, but I wasn't sure what to use. Bizhawk, Yabuse or SSF.

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    uoyabause is well worth a play for it's advanced 3D displays

    Bizhawk uses Beetle/Mednafen Saturn as it's core (I'm yet to try it myself) (Retroarch also uses this as well as Yabause that Bizhawk does not)

    SSF is still a good solid fall back, the only real bad point is that it is not open source but plays everything regardless providing the disc image is fine

    Do note though that the saturn had a small amount of games that used a rom cart with graphics on it (think it was only 2 games) not sure those dumps are around or not yet, but they have been dumped from what I read some time back the other rom and ram carts are emulated though
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    so basically, just try all three and see what works best for me. Can't hurt. thanks for the details.

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