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Thread: Rules. Read or die.

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    Default Rules. Read or die.

    All right. Here are the rules, and if you don't follow them, we'll keel you.

    1. Do not excessively advertise your website. You are allowed one post in the "Post your website" thread and one thread created to advertise and give updates on your website, but if you do anything beyond that the thread/posts will be deleted and you will be given warning points. If you have more than one website, announce them in the same thread.

    2. Do not post a ROM site and then ask for people to help contribute. If you are lacking ROMs, trade for them in The Bazaar, or request them if you are above the requesting requirements.

    3. If you have any questions about HTML or designing in general, post them in the Web-Junior Corner. That's what it's there for.

    4. Any thread that does not abide by these three simple rules will be closed, and warning points will be given.

    Threads that are allowed:
    1. One "advertising my website!" thread.
    2. Asking for opinions on a layout/flash video/whatever you have down for your website.

    Everything else basically fits into the two stickied threads.

    Threads that are not allowed:

    1. Excessive advertisements (you have a thread about your website before, and you make another)
    2. Websites that host warez as defined in our FAQs (appz, cracks, fully licensced movies, games, commercial mp3s, et cetera)
    3. Threads that are better suited for the two stickied topics. We want to keep things clean, you see? Threads such as "I need help with some HTML..." or "where best to learn PHP" are to be posted in the "Web-Junior Corner." First offense receives a closing of the thread and a warning, second offense receives warning points for spamming, and the warning points will take care of the rest for repeat level offenses.
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