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Thread: Good Multiplayer Games on Emulated Consoles?

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    Default Good Multiplayer Games on Emulated Consoles?

    My dad helped me set up a raspberry pi with retro pi on it! Since it's so small I thought it'd be interesting to make a folder of multiplayer games so that if I'm at a friends house we could play some old games together.
    The only problem is I don't know a whole lot of multiplayer games on older consoles so suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Gain ground for the Mega Drive/Genesis or (preferably) an arcade version.
    Contra for the NES.
    Contra II / Super C for the NES.
    Contra III for the SNES.
    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES.
    Rush'n Attack for the NES.
    Whichever Double Dragon is the good one (second or third??) for the NES.

    There are a ton more, naturally, but above are the ones I could think of in 30 seconds.

    Michael Ballack, he scores free-kicks.
    He's got black hair, and he's german.
    Michael Ballack, trains in paddocks.
    in his spare time, HE FARMS HADDOCKS!
    Watch me play Super C, guys!!

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    Any idea if it plays PS1 games? If so, I would greatly recommend Tekken 3. If not though, for SNES, Street Fighter II is a must. If you like RPGs, and the idea of playing one of the best RPGs ever made with another person, I'd greatly recommend Secret of Mana. My final suggestion is something like Tetris, or Puyo-Puyo. I much prefer puzzle games with friends rather than alone, so that's a suggestion. Hope you have fun with it

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