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Thread: Problem making SEGA Repro

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    Default Problem making SEGA Repro

    Good morning I tried to make a repro with the help of some guides on this forum. Unfortunately, I have not had any hopeful results and I would like to know where I'm wrong.
    Here are the tools I used:

    EPROM 27C160.

    GAME: ART OF FIGHTNG (E) converted from md to BIN by SBWIN: and BYTESWAPPED.

    Board used: Mega Games 3in1 Vol 1 (same size of ART OF FIGHTING).


    42 pin adapter:

    I tried 2 different configurations:

    and burnt with this settings (according with jumpers):

    BUT when i put in my sega mega drive (model 1) i got black screen.

    I downloaded a "howto manual" for burning eproms, then i followed the guide : MANUAL USED

    I compared bank4 (that i burnt) with bank4 on the chip (read after).

    Can someone help me?

    Every suggestion will be appreciated.

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