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Thread: Nintendo Games got taken out? (LINKS TO OTHER SITES ARE FORBIDDEN!)

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    Simple suggestion - leave info pages up about the games, and have the only link come to the forum. If they can't figure it out from there, they're idiots.

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    I like how at least 3 Spongebob downloads, and the downloads for Nicktoons Unite! (except the GBA version) remain, as of now. I'm sure they'll get taken down as well.

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    Found an awkward one that others may have commented on - Wario Blast! (featuring Bomberman) is gone, but we still have all the Japanese Bomberman GB games!

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    @ balacobaco

    It makes no difference. Certain things are taken down from the mainsite. Forum uploads will last until those particular ones die out and/or removed by the host and then simply not be allowed to be uploaded/linked to again for the time being.

    There are still plenty of Tetris and Tetris style games here though.

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    It's Nintendo being Nintendo

    And sega because sega wants to be like them and feed off the scraps,

    Nintendo did this because of the release of the switch and/or the NES mini/SNES mini and sega just followed suite and got rid of their usual stuff, stuff that's found on your "sega Genesis collection" for example

    People kept talking about EP in the comments on Facebook and emulation when the Mini was announced and I'm pretty sure that what caused it. Even I did (I didn't mention the site)
    It's a sad sad year for Emulating

    But they can't stop it. If this site went up it will, RISE AGAIN, (in a year) another site had a DMCA against it for Nintendo property but it's been rebuilt since then but sadly cannot host ANY Nintendo consoles or games

    Emulation has been going on since the 90's
    I'm not in favor of current In circulation games being distributed, but anything 20+ year old SHOULD BE FREE.

    Nintendo is not making any money off freakin ballon fight and anybody defending it just doesn't understand that Nintendo is just being a bunch of pricks. And wants people to buy the NES mini instead
    As for the ps2s being hit, they are all Sega titles that were removed or companies under the various big names branches like EA,
    EP is the biggest emulation spot around. Of course they would go after it. But as long as people back up the files

    Emulation will live forever <3
    They have NO RIGHT to attack a game that makes them no money except in a stupid compilation.

    Yes it's their property, but it's like a father abandoning their son and then coming back 10yrs later and wanting to be a father and then leaving again. They are not doing anything with these franchises except compilations.
    They should screw off and let the games Rest In Peace!

    it just worries me that one day we won't be able to play any old games via emulation..those will be dark days, friends. Dark days.

    Quote Originally Posted by LogicalElf View Post
    Found an awkward one that others may have commented on - Wario Blast! (featuring Bomberman) is gone, but we still have all the Japanese Bomberman GB games!
    That's because Nintendo of America is the one doing it

    Not Nintendo of Japan.

    And they also left it up due to the fact that nobody here speaks Japanese more then likely
    So enjoy what you can't play

    It's just Nintendo being dicks again..

    This is why..

    Just what I suspected
    Nintendo being Nintendo..

    sega did it because of their own "special darling" classic Genesis mini as well..🤢 Oh and this

    Now as for the Sony/ps2 stuff? That's to do with the PS4 overpriced classics collection/store.

    Thankfully we have our foreign neighbors to thank for emulation
    The Russians and frenchies,
    They host multiple sites not in English but with English versions and can't be attacked by NOA.

    Emulation won't die do to how many people have personal files but it's going to get harder. I can say that.
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    so...checking back here yet again. might there be any news of another mini console i might've missed? you know, so i can make another list of what was or wasn't removed.

    also, i would like to request a sticky for posts #125: and #134: of this thread.

    well, at least the 3 lists if nothing else.
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