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Thread: What is your most proud achievement or platinum trophy?

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    Default What is your most proud achievement or platinum trophy?

    If you would explain what made the trophy/achievement so difficult or rather what about it makes you proud of it.
    For me it was platinuming El Shaddai on the PS3. You essentially have to play through each level perfectly to get a G rank on hard mode. Not only that but you have to change to each available weapon to do it. Good stuff.

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    Here are some of mine:

    Killzone 2: Heroic Survivor trophy - Complete all missions on Elite difficulty level.
    Metro Last Light (PS3)
    Sniper Elite III (PS3)
    Medal of Honor (PS3 - 2010) Conspicuous Gallantry trophy - Finish every level in the game on Tier 1 Mode under par time.
    Alien Isolation (PS3) (PS4) (Xbox 360) 100%
    Call of Duty World at War (PS3)
    Enemy Front (PS3)

    Reasons are various.
    Most of the shooters it's just because the top difficulty for sp missions is tough (SE III is crazy hard if you try to 100% missions on hardest difficulty solo), although in the case of Enemy Front it's more that the game isn't popular so there were never many people playing mp even in the beginning.

    Alien Isolation is a little hard to 100% the first time, but after that it isn't so bad. I love the game myself which is why I've completed it on various platforms (but not all obviously).

    Metro Last Light isn't actually overly difficult really, but on PS3 the game can glitch out and destroy your save file...which did happen to me on my last run to clean up a couple of trophies (towards the end too) So the PS3 is considered rarer than the PS4 redux version.

    As a final note, some people say the Uncharteds crushing difficulty and TLoU grounded mode related trophies are hard but they aren't really. Those Naughty Dog games can be exploited to make them easier without resorting to any crazy stuff via a modded console. Some people like to say taking advantage of glitches in a game is cheating, but imo it isn't. You're taking advantage of any weaknesses that exist without any mods or hacks, either AI vulnerabilities or programming faults.
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    I got all the achievements for Pac-Man C.E. on Xbox 360.

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    Beating every level of every episode of DOOM 1 on Xbox 360 in Ultra Violence difficulty. Some of my times/scores were even in the top 100 in the world for years.

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    Getting 100% Camo Index in MGS3.

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