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Thread: Gameshark for ED64 Plus

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    Default Gameshark for ED64 Plus

    I have an ED64 Plus, a device which allows me to play N64 roms on my N64. It's not an Everdrive; it is the cheap chineese version of the Everdrive. It works fine, for the most part. The biggest problem with it though is that I can't cheat with it. There's no built in Gameshark option. I was wondering if there was a way to patch a rom in such a way as, when it is loaded, to act like it is being run through a Gameshark. If not then can I load the lated Everdrive OS on my ED64 Plus?

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    Nope to using Everdrive stuff you don't have an Everdrive

    Yes to using hacked roms if you can find any that is

    Hacking those yourself I am going to say no unless you can hack in the first place but if you could you would not be asking...

    Before it is even thought about, you can't use an actual GameShark or other cheat device either with N64 Flash kits

    Another way to cheat if you wanted though is via save games

    For trained games (I don't actually know if there are any, but if there is your best bet would be the N64 goot set, that not only has "good" dumps but also has every hack trained game and even a bunch of slideshows and other homebrew junk included as well as bad dumps if you ever felt the need for those and there are some copier fixes i.e fixes for flash kits that is the norm for good sets )
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    Necro bump.

    You can use a modded version of Alt64 OS on ED64 Plus (although really old version that requires donor cart on top probably won't run Alt64).
    Alt64 lets you use gameshark type cheat codes in yml format (use Notepad++).

    Spoiler warning:

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