Well, breath of fire is one of the old classics back in the days of Final Fantasy.

Many of you played them and loved them, as most of you know it's my favourite RPG/Series. Or well it was..

Anyway, started on the Snes with 1 and 2. Now number 1 and 2 was amazing, very close to being on par with Final Fantasy 6

And then there was the Playstation one titles, this is where it gets even better!
Breath of fire 3!

Alot of you I can picture as saying "this one was the best "
And then came the daddy, the motherload of awesomeness. Breath of fire 4

To this day I still play this game, and it will forever be the best RPG of all time for me!.

Now, thats as far as BOF went.
There was no such thing as Dragon Quarter on a certain PS2 console, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

But bad news, they decided. Wait, we've not messed with this series in a while. Lets mess it up even more
And yes, there is a new Breath of Fire game. Not released yet?

Anyway, it's like a java/Android Mobile/browser game.. Yes you heard me right, look it up
So, final nail then people lmao.

But all of that aside, 1-4 amazing and thats what BOF will always be to me

Whats your thoughts on the game, and which one did you like the most?.