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Thread: Why doesn't Sony just make an offical Emulator?

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    Default Why doesn't Sony just make an offical Emulator?

    that will allow you to use a 100% working emulator with all games included ranging from PS1 to PS2 to PS3 and maybe even the PS4 it would be like a monthly subscription service? I don't know how it would work but don't you think that a big company like them could make something like that? but it's probably not worth it. seeing as how there is already free emulators. they would be just wastiner their time. plus no one would buy the PS4 or PS3 anymore.

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    You can't exactly make an emulator for ps3 and 4 right now, at least not one that would run well on even the most powerful of PCs. Sony does support PSX on third PSN services and even has a subscription type of rental service for ps2 games on PSN so you can play ps2 downloads on your ps4. It pretty much exactly what you described, but I Don't buy into it. I still own nearly every ps2 game I was to play.

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    Sony will promote there own hardware with software emulation of there older systems and do so already but they are not going to promote Microsoft, Apple or Nintendo in the same way

    PS4 does the whole rental thing
    PS3 supports PSone Classics and PS2 Classics from PSN plus PSone CD's still (Though they did drop the PS2 CD/DVD support)
    PS2 plays PSone CD games also
    Vita has PSP and PSone Classic support
    PSP has PSone Classic support

    The above is all emulation

    The biggest issue with emulating on Windows and Mac systems is that there are tons and tons of hardware variants out instead of Consoles that have one set of specs to look at in general
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    As already mentioned. Sony does emulate their own software. However, don't ever expect them to release an emulator for PC's, so you can play all their games for free. That's just something that will not gain them any money.

    I mean, in the end all they care about is their profits as a company. Furthermore, they won't even make the PS4 with as powerful as it is, backwards compatible with all their previous home TV consoles' games (PS1, PS2, PS3). They would rather "remaster" them or put them on their PS rental service to squeeze your wallet.

    I was so disappointed when they announced a more powerful PS4, (PS4 Pro) and touted its hardware capabilities and didn't add backwards compatibility when that console was a hardware redesign.

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