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Thread: I cant play it (Ghost Recon Predator on PPSSPP)

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    Default I cant play it (Ghost Recon Predator on PPSSPP)

    I downloaded game from
    i have unrar it, unrar the second rar file and get the game. I put it in the folder with the name of the rar file, i opened the game using ppsspp gold and watch the first screen video, affter that 'sorry, ppsspp gold has unfortunately stoped"
    Is there any way to fix/play it ?
    Thx for all, Markus

    I dont even see the icon ( in the first folder) when i open the game

    I have unrar the game using es file (wrong?)
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    Are you using the latest build of PPSSPP?

    Grab the latest build there and try again.
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    If you have any questions on how to set it up on Windows please feel free to ask, its very easy.

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