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Thread: Giving away a few free Prima eGuide codes

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    Arrow Giving away a few free Prima eGuide codes

    I've got some Prima hardcover collector's edition guides here that came with eGuide codes that I don't need, so I'm giving them away (the eGuide codes, not the physical guides ).
    These are from brand new sealed physical guides.

    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate <--- after redeeming the code for this eGuide via Prima you get another code to unlock Angel Knuckles (weapon) in-game
    Star Wars Battlefront (for the recent release, not the original game more than 10 years ago).
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    I only have one code for each game guide to give away for free.
    You need to have been around here for a little while and have actually posted around the forums contributing in some way (my discretion, I'm not stating how long you need to have been here or how many posts/threads).

    I'm not offering these anywhere else.
    I don't want to see newly registered zero posters asking for these. Please don't do that, I might get mad
    Spoiler warning:

    If you send me a friend request on PSN please identify yourself and possibly state a reason why. Blank requests will be ignored.

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    Thanks So Much My Friend,I Have Already Bought Syndicate And Uncharted 4 e-Guides...
    I Am Creating Their PDF And Will Share Them Soon...

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