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Thread: This is something I don't see being talked about anywhere...

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    In the game, Donkey Konga 2, there is one thing I know I unlocked when I originally had the game, but have no idea how I unlocked it originally, and the thing that I know I unlocked dealt with the Freestyle Zone in the game. Now, when you start up the game, you start with the backgrounds of Thrillsome Jungle, Sleepy Beehive, Snowy Mountain, Coral Sea, Port City - Foggy Morning, and Konga Land. But I know that at some point when I originally had the game, I unlocked more backgrounds, but I should mention that all of the backgrounds I just mentioned are used for the Street Performance mode of the game (don't know if they are used for any other modes; will verify later. There are alternate skins of these same backgrounds which are used in Challenge Mode and in the Barrel Race Mini-Game. Problem is, now that I'm on an emulator, I forgot how I unlocked said backgrounds in the first place. I've already tried to collect all the badges, but that didn't do the trick. Is there anyone out there who knows for sure how you unlock the alternate skins of the starting Freestyle Zone Backgrounds AKA the same backgrounds used in Challenge Mode and the Barrel Race Mini-Game?

    Update: Tried clearing challenge mode itself; still no dice. And I thought I knew I got the background skins used in Challenge Mode and Barrel Race without beating challenge mode before, but I did it anyways as a test and sure enough, it wasn't the case. This is really making my head turn...

    Update #2: Tried letting the backgrounds "lap" but that still didn't work. There's still a couple of more things I've yet to try, and one of them is unlocking the Dixie's Note that unlocks the "echo" feature because I have a feeling about that not really being what it's advertised as.

    Update #3: I had a feeling it wasn't what triggered the alternate backgrounds (AKA the backgrounds used in Challenge Mode and Barrel Race) for Freestyle mode, but just in case, I got gold DK on every song on a single difficulty, and of course, nothing changed as I know for sure I didn't unlock the backgrounds then either. This is leaving me with not many more options...
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