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    It's about 4 years since I'm into making free indie games, alwais inspired in the 80's and 90's classic games.
    I'm not a programmer, I'm an artist, but I've done my experiments with a program called Arcade Game Studio (
    Doing the best I can do, and distributing my games for free, is my way of giving some feedback to the emulation community (as well as my Megaman Redux NES hack)

    For those who do not know, GBJAM is a competition where Indie developers must produce a Game Boy style game within a time frame (for PC, Mobile, or even a GB Rom, if you have the skills for it).
    Every year some cool games appear, some more faithful to GB restrictions, others not so much.
    For the first time I participated, so I'll post here my game, and another list of other games that I played and enjoyed a lot.

    Virgil's Purgatory - That's my game, a short metroidvania, a headless guy and his quest in purgatory. More Info and screenshots on my blog.

    Some games that I found very interesting:

    Shuriken - Nice and fast platformer

    T-Swap - Puzzle with nice mood

    Derelict - Very good action/platformer with metroidvania elements

    Monkey Warp - Nice platformer, creative warp mechanics, reminds me kirby
    monkey warp.png

    Diamond Dust - Nice platform puzzle

    Lost Alien - Nice metroidvania.

    All game entries can be found here:

    So what do you think? And what other games of this jam did you find interesting?

    Previous Jams were maintained by gamejolt:
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