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Thread: NES Earth Bound (Proto)

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    Default NES Earth Bound (Proto)


    I would like to know which are the checksums of the original clean dump of the game is. I don't find any information about that.
    (Would be nice if anyone can post the Checksums of the different patched versions too.)


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    Found this:
    Archive A (Earthbound.7z)
    Earthbound (U) [!].smc A864B2E5C141D2DEC1C4CBED75A42A85 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [f1].smc 8C28CE81C7D359CF9CCAA00D41F8AD33 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [f1+C].smc B2DCAFD3252CC4697BF4B89EA3358CD5 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [f2].smc 0B8C04FC0182E380FF0E3FE8FDD3B183 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [f3].smc 2225F8A979296B7DCCCDDA17B6A4F575 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [t1].smc EB83B9B6EA5692CEFE06E54EA3EC9394 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [b1].smc 3D1E8E8D4E9AE78E3D71E8F5C63AA1A9 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [b1+C].smc 48FC8D2CCC507A6EDE30AD6501C83FEB 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [b2].smc 6DF9C652784A2E7A21043B1096B2750B 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [f1].smc F3B32BCE85C6BC6D8DCF5A78D274FF72 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [f1+C].smc E30461401BE0FAD7C1144A9297C98451 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J).smc A086F6648288C2858329B1C9C6E49D82 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [T+Spa091b_Tanero].smc
    CC9FA297E7BF9AF21F7F179E657F1AA1 3,145,728 Bytes

    Archive B (Earthbound.7z)
    Earthbound (U) [f1].smc D3FE266EF8F090AA1CFDB8BFC1C97953 3,146,240 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [t1].smc EB83B9B6EA5692CEFE06E54EA3EC9394 3,146,240 Bytes
    Earthbound (U).smc ABE493B665F7467000BCF8C373B323FD 3,146,240 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J) [p1].smc 6DF9C652784A2E7A21043B1096B2750B 3,145,728 Bytes
    Mother 2 (J).smc 4518403A9F8B9B1A48355E252815366C 3,146,240 Bytes
    Earthbound (U) [T+Spa091b_Tanero].smc
    5C97DA7A7FFE11EAF1725FA9B6981549 3,145,728 Bytes

    Singe File (
    earthbou.smc 91EF86C261713D8953B964276F451D11 3,146,240 Bytes

    The Three
    Earthbound (U) [!].smc A864B2E5C141D2DEC1C4CBED75A42A85 3,145,728 Bytes
    Earthbound (U).smc ABE493B665F7467000BCF8C373B323FD 3,146,240 Bytes
    earthbou.smc 91EF86C261713D8953B964276F451D11 3,146,240 Bytes
    Spoiler warning:

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    Yeah thanks, but these are form the SNES not from the NES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No-Intro Datomatic
    Earth Bound (USA) (Proto).nes

    New Start a new discussion!
    Languages: English
    P/C relationship: This is a clone. Its parent: 1517

    2010-01-31 EarthBound title

    ROM data
    Size: 524288
    CRC32: 53A9E2BA
    MD5: 84E8FED10D7C339F726D52CB152078E1
    SHA-1: 8E9BD7F4D3999C973C1F2C28A995311267586C87
    Submit Earth Bound (USA) (Proto).nes.md5
    Submit Earth Bound (USA) (Proto).nes.sfv
    Taken from

    If you are wondering no-intro only keep data for clean dumps though if something has been re-dumped in a better cleaner way they will update the info but still keep old data as a record under bad dump, but generally they do not keep hacks in there database

    patched versions I don't know unless they are part of the goodtools dats that store every rom dump including hacks, fixes and PD roms,m but I have stayed clear from them for years now
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