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Thread: Post your Computer Specs here

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    Also that machine comes with Dual moniters.

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    Bleakvoid Guest


    my question...does that monster come with the drives RAID'ed or what....i could actually go out, get 8 400gb drives, and put them on my two RAID0 chains for *two* 1.6 tb drives in windows that function four times as fast as they normally would as a single 400gb drive. So a 4x250 chain really isnt all that special. only problem is 8 400gb drives would cost...approx. $1600.

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    Sephiroth Guest


    they're RAIDED, aern't they SATA too? 400GB hardisks, they dont have those yet, do they? noo.
    you'd need at least a PCI-X 133mhz card that would support Dual channel RAID 0 configurations to even touch that kinda data transfer, that alone is somewhere between $300-$500 you'd also need a huge server case, to use 8 Hard disks, so thats another $200, and thats a lot of heat too for 7200RPM (more likely 5400RPM drives though) so.. $20 for fans. total value; more than $2200

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    Bleakvoid Guest


    i think ive seen em...i know i saw 300's at CompUSA about a week ago. I was surfing, maybe it was something else...300's are hellla expensive, they wont do any of that rebate crap to bring down the price...heres the link to the 300, if you want to see that.
    <a href=" =305077&pfp=BROWSE">300gb 5400rpm hdd...sweet</a>
    I think for Project G im going to put one or two of those in the central core. we've got a really extensive array of drives already...totalling 700-something gigs out of spare parts. We're hoping to have a total of a terrabyte or two in drives later on. I think I've seen those RAID cards go fro a bit less...let me check....yeah, <a href=" =290126&pfp=BROWSE">here</a> it is. Just get two of those (what I have) and the eight drives.yeah...a hdd coller would probably be smart in that case eh? I should probably do some cutting in my case then, and add some fans. Even at 5400 rpm, thats gonna be a bit of heat. Also, it depends on how they're RAID'ed how it distributes could be RAID0+1, which would bring it to 500gb realised space. In that config, the other two drives would be used for mirroring.

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    Bleakvoid Guest


    Originally posted by Sephiroth
    a mad overclocker just out benched me in dhryston/whetstone, he ocd his dual xeons to 3.82ghz, really I was slaughtered(he used promeria cooling) I think the guy had something like 16% higher numbers, it was pretty awsome, He couldnt maintain it for very long, not 100% stable he said, forget the link to his pics of his scores.

    Show me his addy, i shall sick <i><b>The Project</b></i> on him, and ye shall be avenged for that unmerciful ass-whuppin.

    <b>The War Of The Nerds Has Commenced!</bchinese:

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    Originally posted by Sprung
    Add 3 more ISO's...

    Aqua GT
    Mag Force Racing
    Super Speed Racing

    and 2 more

    Deep Fighter CD's 1 & 2

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    Sephiroth Guest


    naww, you'd want a PCI-X RAID card for a setup like that, PCI-X delivers up to 536mbp/s compared to 133mbp/s of regular PCI 33. PCI-X 133mhz Raid arrays would be MUCH faster than if it were on a PCI 32bit RAID card. Maxtor is the only one i know of that makes 300Gb drives, and it runs at 5400RPM and has 2mb cache, which kinda defeates the point, lots of storage, but not fast enough access. thats another thing thats gettin a little outa spec, who needs even 60GB of storage (ok granted, MP3 file users need loads of storage, but who has thousands of MP3 files?)

    wa wa? (ive degraded to a baby noob since the beattin)
    here's the pics of his scores.
    ALU: ~ 55800
    FPU: ~ 35000
    least to say I lied that he beat me by a mear %16, heh it wuz more like 30% at least heh...

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    JohnnyTHM Guest


    My newest computer consists of the following:

    Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz Processor on Asus 400Mhz FSB Motherboard
    Sound Blaster Live (supports Dolby Digital 4.1)
    512 Megs RAM(Had 768, but my 256 stick went bad )
    Maxor 40 Gig Hard drive(7200 RPM, 2MB Cache) Running Windows XP Pro
    Junk 6 Gig hard drive(5400 RPM) Running Mandrake 9.2
    Nvidia TNT 2 32 Meg Video Card(Yuck! But I'll be getting a Ge-force 4 Ti 4600 after I recover from the hollidays)
    Asound 10/100 NIC

    I work as a tech for an ISP based out of South Eastern Louisiana, so I'm connected through the internet through them. I'm using Adsl(rated 1.5 down by 256 up), but since I'm pretty far from the phone C.O. I'm connecting around 850 down, and 225 up.

    Not exactly a top of the line PC by any definition, but I built it from extra parts and such. Preforms very well, especially considering I have not yet spent 300 dollars building it. Once I put a better video card in it, I think I'll be satisified.

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    I have two computers:
    Windows XP Home
    60GB HDD
    Dont know the video card

    2nd one:

    Windows ME
    64MB GeForce 2
    40GB HDD
    forget how megs of ram

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    I have a hummble computer that does what i need it to do:
    Gigabyte K7 mobo
    AMD 2200 1.8Ghz
    512 DDR Ram
    Gforce FX 5200 AGP DDR 128mb TV OUT
    Sound Blaster 5.1 Sound Card
    40 gig Maxtor HD
    12 gig Seagate HD
    CD - RW 48x12x48
    DVD 16x
    17" Samsung 757mb Monitor
    Printer/scanner dont really matter what make.
    Windows XP PRO 2600
    Oh yeah and a kick ass 16 botton Control pad Thrust Sightmaster i think..
    That Dragon Tear is mines bitch!

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    Bleakvoid Guest


    Hehe...I'm getting a 4x4x12x DVD+/-RW to replace my 40x CD drive...and a TV card.

    Anywho...I found the papers on Project G, Sephiroth; here's the scores, plus comparisons to your boy's Xeons:

    Core: Dual 1800 AMD Athlon MP
    Scaling: 17.8...64.08 P4 equivilent Ghz.
    ALU: 845370...15.15 times his score
    FPU: 441035...12.601 times his score
    RAM: 9.12 gb effective...have no clue on those Xeons

    Needless to say...Project G owns all of your comps, bottom line. I'd like to see you guys even touch those scores. However...we're still using a Riva 128 card for graphics...thats gonna change, especially since we just got AutoCAD. I think we'll invest in a GeForce FX 5950 256mb card just to beat even more ass at this.

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    This is the one that one of my friends have built.

    Dual Intel Xeon 3.06GHz 533FSB
    Geforce FX 5200
    2X 200GB Hard Drives
    2X 250GB Hard Drives
    52X24X52 CD Burner
    16X DVD Drive
    8GB Of RAM (thats a metric arseload of RAM)
    All of this is water cooled inside the biggest friggin case i have seen!

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    Bleakvoid Guest

    Default dice, son...<i>Project G</i> is way, way more powerful than that...

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    shadow77 Guest


    P4 3.00GHz w/800MHz
    1024MB PC3200 Dual-Channel DDR RAM
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
    Floppy Drive
    Western Digital 120GB HD w/8MB Cache
    Dell 17" Flat Panel e1702FP
    Microsoft Optical Mouse
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/Service Pack 1
    3mbps down/256k up internet connection

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    Processor: I thin k it came from a cereal box...
    Ram: into a garbage can is what I want to do with my computer...
    Hard Drive: is about as hard as tissue paper...
    C CD CD run...haha...yeah right...
    Video Card: wazzat?
    Sound Card: more like external 8-track...
    Case: A large cardboard box...
    Monitor: The world's first black and white TV
    Keyboard: It's uh...plastic...and it has keys...I think there's a couple left...
    Mouse: wasn't compatible so I had to settle with a rat...

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