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Thread: Post your Computer Specs here

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    Sephiroth Guest


    LOL LMAO dats some funny stuff
    sorry you have a cardboard box for a case... gosh your computer kinda sux... You need to upgrade, for only $4000!! if you buy this $200 piece of software, that isnt worth Shi** and is made by a company that KNOWS its selling you a defective product(not refering to Windows products of corse...) you'll get a $10 rebate on the upgrade too
    I JUST bought debian linux vs 3.0r2 (or was it 3.1r2 cant rember) I cant wait till it comes in the mail, along with the "8,000 pieces of software".

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    CPU: Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz 400Mhz FSB
    RAM: 256MB DDR
    Video: GeForce 4 MX 440(I think)
    Sound: On board, but will be adding 5.1 surround when my bro leaves.
    Monitor: 19" IBM I also have another monitor, and frequently use a 52" TV as a second monitor.
    Motherboard: Gigabyte (forgot the srial thingy)
    CD; CD-RW @ 52x24x52, CD-ROM @ 16x (Have 2 scsi drives, but no scsi controller.
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    RiskBreaker Guest


    CPU: 2.26GHz P4.
    HD 160Gig
    RAM: 1024 Crucial
    Vid Card: GForce FX 5200
    Monitor: Samsung 171v 17"
    (I don't see a need to post my drives)

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    Default more RAM today so here's my updated specs -

    Brand : Acer Aspire
    Processor: Pentium 4, 2.40 ghz
    Memory: 769MB SDRAM
    Hard Drive: Seagate 40GB HDD + Maxtor External 40GB HDD
    Modem: Askey HSFi V.90(V.92) 56K PCI Modem, Alcatel Speedtouch ADSL USB Modem
    CD-RW Drive: 40xWrite/12xReWrite/40xRead
    Graphics: GeForce4 Mx 440 64mb ram
    USB Ports: 2 + 2 USB 2.0 + 4 USB 2.0 Hub
    Pointing Device: Acer PS/2 Easy Internet keyboard, Acer USB Wheelmouse
    Audio: Avance AC-97
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP 1 + Gentoo Linux 1.4
    Monitor: 17" Acer Monitor
    Other Disk Drives: 1.44' Floppy Disk Drive, Multimedia Card Drive, SD card Drive.
    Other Ports: 2 Firewire Ports + 2 Ethernet Ports
    Other Accessories: Audio DJ Console

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    TheDeadRelic Guest



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    PS2_Master0 Guest



    heres mine:

    Brand: BUILT BY ME
    CPU: AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz
    Windows 2000 Pro
    Dell 15" Flat Panel Monitor
    Radeon 7000
    512 MB RAM
    40 GB HD
    TDK Cd-Burner
    DVD-ROM Drive (no brand name on it)
    Uses Wireless Belkin 54g to connect to our NETGEAR NETWORK
    Also has HP ScanJet 3400C for Scanner

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    Bleakvoid Guest


    ok, im going to re-post my specs, as i have upgraded and built a metric arseload of new computers. I love the beauty of the electron and the switch, if you couldnt tell.

    1) Project G - custom monstrosity
    Mobo: don't know, dual socket A
    CPUs: Dual matched AMD Athlon MP 1800
    Actual speed: 64.08 Ghz.
    ALU: 845370
    FPU: 441035
    RAM: 9.12 gb effective
    HDDs: 8 10000 rpm 60 gb in a linux software RAID-0
    OSes: Red Hat Linux 8 & Solaris 9
    Graphics: GeForce FX 5950, soon to be upgraded to a QuadroFX2000 when we get $1400

    Me and a few friends built our own beoulve cluster out of spare parts...the only reason its that fast is because it has six dual pentium dad works at kaiser, they were about to throw them out, and he said that hed take them. It also contains an athlon XP 1800 and a P4 2.1 ghz. The dual MP is the core, and its one of the most pimpin computers ever...we have two monitors connected at the firewall before the main core for packet and error monitoring, then one on the core for remote access to the components of the cluster, then another for the actual core processes

    2) My comp - does what i want in AutoCAD and Photoshop
    Mobo: dont know, socket A - about to replace, cuz i dont like it
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ thouroghbred
    RAM: 392 mb kensington PC2100
    HDD1: 12gb for WinME/Solaris9/various progs
    HDD2: 40gb for MP3s and various music videos
    Graphics: GeForce FX 5600 ultra 128 mb, i have my CRT connected, plus my living-room TV
    Sound: Aureal Vortex2...soon to be replaced with my new mobo
    Others: a 4x2x12x DVD+/-RW drive, plus a 52x24x52x CDRW
    I removed my raid cards for project G...its basically my media box, but with autocad, photoshop, and a few emulators on it.

    other than those, i have a pentium 2 300 running red hat 8, a pentium 3 500 running solaris 9, a pentium MMX 266 with dos, and im building a dual pentium 3 Xeon in addition.
    If anybody wants, ill post those as well.

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    Mine rocks yes really

    Case:I dunno but it says IBM
    OS: Win98
    Cpu PII 400mhz
    Video:ati rage pro somethig
    Sound card: Hmm instaled it the big thing with thingy rolleyes:
    Mods:the feet of my pc iz broken of

    hm cool hu????
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    Sure is!

    CPU: Pentium 3 1 Ghz
    RAM: 384
    Video: GeForce 2 GTS (bying FX 5600 next week )
    H 40 GIG
    Sound: Creative PCI 128 :O
    Drives: CD-RW 52x24x52, DVD-ROM
    Monitor: No FLATY! just a normal one, 19"
    MODS: NDD (Nuclear Detonation Device)
    I'm just a lurker these days, I feel like an 80 year old gramps, watching his grand children play outside *sigh*

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    duron 1200
    256 ddr 333
    64m geforce2
    LG cdrw
    barracuda 40g
    lucent win modem
    built-in sound
    even more than enough for epsxe

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    emu paradise
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    p4 1.9 ghz
    audio storm
    tnt 1
    i got an adaptoid!

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    Default Re: Post your Computer Specs here

    Mine Roxx

    450 Mhz (0,25 Um) PIII 128 MB RAM 32 MB TNT Riva - Click the banner above!

    <a href="">My PSX List (I dont trade anymore, sorry) </A>

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    tuffguy Guest

    Default My PC

    Intel Mendocino 900MHz CPU
    MSI Intel815EPT Pro MB with audio onboard
    256 SDRAM PC133 PQI
    Teac 40x cd-rom
    Teac 40x/24x/46x CDRW
    Quamtum Fireball LD 40Gb HDD
    Sony 3 1/2 inch floppy
    Hyunday Deluxscan 15G Monitor
    Acorp(Bt878) Tv tunner
    RTL 8139 10/100 Mb LAN
    GeForce4 MX440SE 64Mb DDRAm Videocard
    Genius 5 button optical mouse
    Multimedia A4Tech iKeyWorks keyboard
    Genius 8 Button gamepad

    100% handmade amplifier 2x10w RMS

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    Cloud Strife Guest


    Intel 2.8gHz Hyper Thread CPU
    128mb Radeon 9800 Pro
    512 mb ram @400mhz
    120gb hard drive
    17" Flat panel [email protected] 1280x1024 maximum res
    Creative SBLive sound/100 watt Creative 3-piece system
    48x CD Rom
    24x/16x/8x CD-RW/DVD-R

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    At the computer...
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    The Gaming Computer:
    OS: Windows XP Home Edition
    Processor: 2.1 ghz AMD Athlon XP
    Video Card: nVidia 5900 Ultra 256 MB
    Ram: 512 MB
    Sound Card: Creative Audigy 2
    H 120 GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Seagate Barracuda (**edit**)
    CD/DVD Drive: DVD-ROM
    Speakers: Monsoon PM9 2.1
    Monitor: 17-Inch Micron (super old lol)
    Other: Microsoft Internet Keyboard, Microsoft 5-Button Mouse, Gravis GamePad Pro USB (uber-cheap )
    Mods: Blue LEDs in my fan grills

    The Downloading/Music/Pr0n/Anime Computer:
    Apple PowerBook G4
    OS: Mac OS 10.3 Panther
    867 Mhz Apple G4
    ATI Radeon 9000 32 MB
    768 MB RAM
    Ghetto Mac Soundcard
    40 GB 4200 RPM Laptop HD
    DVD-ROM/CD-RW Drive
    Internal Laptop Speakers
    15-Inch LCD Widescreen Integrated Monitor
    Other: Microsoft Optical Wheel-Mouse USB, Gravis GamePad Pro USB (same one as on gaming comp)

    Internet Connection: 2mb/sec Cable, rigged through house with Linksys Router...
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