hello everyone! if there is another post like this i apologize but i dont have alot of time to search for it.

For Reference use I'm using:

PSP-2000 with 6.60Pro B9 CFW (for experiment use), and will be doing the same to my PSP 1000 6.61Pro CFW as well (installing a new blood-red housing shell on it).

now i have the latest TempAR 1.6.3, PSX game codes are showing up but when i enable them, they dont "activate" (yes I even made sure the [Cheats] toggle is switched to on.)
It doesnt make sense to me, im a novice with cheat engines and TempAR seemed like a nice one to try out.

For Example i can be playing Dino Crisis or Resident Evil 3 and i can have the TempAR menu show up, enable whatever cheats i want on it and exit it... nothing happens like the system can read the cheat.db i installed but doesnt toggle the cheats on when I exit the cheat engine.

Does anyone know why its happening like this? i will be happy to add in my folder structure as well if asked to help with problem.