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Thread: Download manager?

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    Default Download manager?

    So i've been having issues with downloading PS2 ISOs, half the time, they're corrupt, but can still be extracted. As soon as i load them into PCSX2, they have missing textures and strange GUI glitches, and crash as any gameplay starts.
    My main ISO i will be using as an example will be Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (USA) ISO, the past sentence explains the problems i was having with this is ISO.
    So after diving into the forums, i relized that a few people are having this same issue, and they keep saying the same solution, "Get a download manager", and this answer usually comes from the dude with the terminator profile pic. (I think he's a mod)
    I know that the perk of having a download manager allows any download to through a system of checks and balances to ensure that the download is running smoothly and doesn't have any missing data. Also WIFI comes into play(Which i have) can really disrupt the download.
    The problem is, i'm not sure what's a good download manager, there's hundreds of them and most of the time they're on some sketchy ad on a random website.
    If anyone knows a good download manager, and can provide a name for it and a possible link, that'd be great.
    Also, if anyone could tell me that either my downloading is bad or the ISO is bad, that'd also be great.

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    I am sorry if this is not appropriate place to post this, but I've just joined forum and I dont know where to post a question.But it is possibly connected to download manager, so...
    Today I've downloaded 3 games for ps2 from this emuparadise site.I've extracted them, converted to iso with dvd decrypter and burn them.Everything by the book.I've looked 50 tutorials and this is the best option.Also, it looks like this is the best site to download ps2 games.Friend of mine also burnen 3 games for me, from this site.
    However, neither mine nor her's games are working.What the fuck? Where is the problem?
    C'mon guys I know you are experts, help me out here.Where is the problem?

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