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Thread: EverDrive Packs Release Thread

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    Am currently in the process of improving the GBA Everdrives Emulator rom packs section or in this case full blowing it into a complete folder based off the SD2 SNES organized layout that Smoke Monster did. This uses both the beta, semi final and likely final builds of PocketSNES V.01, SNESAdvance 0.1 beta and SNESAdvance 0.1F.

    So far I have pretty much patched all the USA roms for the A to Z category of the Super Nintendo Category labelling the games as I find out if they work, semi work or just don't work. Oddly a lot of roms work better in the official unfinished release than the fan made final ones most noticeably on Super Castlevania IV which the old version didn't have mode 7 but made it possible to have the background as it should be while the final version has the background over the sprites making it impossible to play the game except restoring the mode 7 rotating room, expanding boss and the chandelier.

    As for when the 1st set will be up it likely will be after I check a likely more final build though it seems to be the same minus it having a working version of Donkey Kong country that seems broken after the new game screen ^^ The already made sprite follow games will also be included so look forward to that too.

    Edit: On 2nd thought there was no final version past 0.1F for SNESAdvance I thought it was strange Donkey Kong Country worked when I downloaded a rom to test it off EP but after finding out it was just that it was made for the non revision original it all makes sense now. I could try the other non revision games that were in the SD2 SNES folder but I presume they would likely work the same will do it before sendspacing the 1.22GB set in a new topic here. This wont include the non supported games like the SA1 or FX ones as they were never in the US folder to begin with by the way.

    Edit 2: The latest SuperDAT read me file says that Super Mario All Stars works on GBA but I have yet to get it working, also Kirbys Dream Course is confirmed to work too but it seems locked off even though it loads up I consider games like this broken so I don't know what to do to make this and the 4 other games playable.

    Lastly here is a sample of how I have done it the end of name keys are [p] means playable, [g] means glitchy and [b] means broken if it has a [p][g] it likely is worth your time trying its rare that a game just says [p] in this folder set link which roughly is a combination of Mirroring the Betas, Prototypes, Revisions folder in the NES N8 Everdrive section done in GBA Style with every GBA directory saying SFC just because it's cooler to retain the original rom name for a SNES game ^^ (As for what the link below contains it's just the small USA portion of Original and Revision games) I presume the only one I consider playable is Megaman X and Super Buster bros but you'd likely find the rest just as good... Link @
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