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    Questions Regarding PS1 Emulation on PSP?

    I'm planning on getting a SD card to memory stick adapter for my PSP so that I can play downloaded ISOs on it. I also plan to use it to play emulated PS1 games that ARE NOT from Sony.

    With that...
  2. I still had all the custom firmware tools on my...

    I still had all the custom firmware tools on my card, so I used the fast recovery tool, and it worked! Thank you so much for helping me.
  3. PSP ISOSs Disappeared?! Yet save data is still there...?!

    I have a PSP 2000 model that I had installed with custom firmware for Update 6.6.1 on two 1-gig Memory Sticks.

    Recently, I downloaded a few ISOs to the sticks and played them. Awhile later, after...
  4. Got it. Thanks!

    Got it. Thanks!
  5. Ah! Thanks! However, I've already formatted the...

    Ah! Thanks! However, I've already formatted the USB drive for WBFS. After doing this, I discovered I could not reformat the drive via Microsoft Window's format program. Would I still be able to...
  6. USB Loader GX Wii: TWO Simultaneous HDD/USB Drives on ONE Wii possible?

    I just set up USB Loader GX on the Wii, and now I'm playing downloaded Wii ISOs! I'm aware that to play Wii ISOs from a USB Drive, I must format the drive as WBFS. I also know that you can play...
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