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  1. Does it worth to buy an X360 in 2019 to mod it?

    this is Davide

    I'm posting today to ask some info about the Xbox 360.
    I'm trying to build my Retrogame catalog, starting from VCS2600 to (ideally) the first X-Box.

    I have access to...
  2. Hello, thank you for the new info. I'm pretty...

    thank you for the new info.

    I'm pretty sure that a new XBox One here can't be find with a price lower then 250€, probably our marketplace have differences on this side.
    I red there was...
  3. Hello, Zaladane and deadlegion, thank you for...

    Hello, Zaladane and deadlegion, thank you for your prompt and accurate answers.
    I'd never expected to receive so deep answers within so little time from the post!

    I thought myself that I have not...
  4. First XBox Emulation on PC and other system Emulation on XBox 360 and One

    Hi guys,

    This is Davide and I'm new on the forum, but an old user of Emuparadise website.
    Today, I decided to subscribe because I need advise from expert users.

    Around 1 year ago I...
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