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  1. CODEBREAKER 10.1 for PCSX2 emulator with complete instructions

    Hi to all the emulation fans and certainly PS2 is one console system interesting to play emulated games on the computer and the playstation 2 is the best-seller console in history with 155 millions...
  2. INCREASE your SHADERS optiona on the PCSX2 emulator

    Hello to all emulation fans and this post is to talk about how to increase the options to the shaders on the PS2 games with the PCSX2 emulator, the true is even for other emulators this possibility...
  3. GZMAKER for the PCSX2 emulator - BEST PS2 ISO compression method for the PCSX2 emulator

    Hello emulation fans and this post is to present a tool that it will revolucionate your compression work for the PS2 isos to run on the PCSX2 emulator.:top:

    Download available at the end of this...
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