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    WiiSX/R For Wii Freezes upon Exit

    The WiiSX/R Freezes when I exit the PSX Emulator on the main Wii menu. Is there a fix for this?
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    Need Linux Working BPS Patcher

    Is there a Linux working BPS patcher so I can patch a N64 game to make it another game?
  3. Has anyone found out anything for this?

    Has anyone found out anything for this?
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    In Need of Some Big Help w/ Wii

    I was try to reinstall the Homebrew Channel on my Wii w/ the Wii Browser hack but the Wii froze @ 98 to 99%. I deleted the Homebrew Channel to reinstall it. I retried the Hackmii & Letter Bomb hack...
  5. Cheats Settings For Mupen64 Windows Version

    Is there any way I can add cheats to roms in the Mupen64 Windows Version like the one from here?>

    Can anyone think of an answer for me? :)
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