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    DeSmuME controls

    Is there anyway in DeSmeME to assign one of the buttons to a mouse button? If not, is there another DS emulator that does? I'm getting into Metroid Prime Hunters again, and the odd placement of keys...
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    For me ZSNES is preferred because Snes9x stutters...

    For me ZSNES is preferred because Snes9x stutters on my system. Personally I'd prefer Snes9x's interface, but the game has to run decent, so I do what I do. I haven't looked much into any others yet,...
  3. Frame counter as clock in older systems

    I was recently wondering something about older console systems with no real-time clock. Some still were able to have a kind of game time clock, and as far as I know all of them used a frame counting...
  4. I'm wondering if this is a similar problem to...

    I'm wondering if this is a similar problem to what I've been having with Dragon Quest I&II and Dragon Quest V. I'm using Snesoid on a Lenovo tablet, and often when I try loading these roms, I just...
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