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    Currently, i can't play any games on it. I get a...

    Currently, i can't play any games on it. I get a black screen and that's it. sometimes an error message saying that it has stopped, but that's it.

    also, i'm willing to use a different emulator....
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    Need help with ePSXe 2.0.5

    i'm having some serious problems running this thing. I've already got the bios, the plugins, all that good s***, but i still can't make it work. can someone please help me out here?

    I don't want...
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    so basically, just try all three and see what...

    so basically, just try all three and see what works best for me. Can't hurt. thanks for the details.
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    best saturn emulator?

    been wanting to play some fighting games on the saturn. I don't have the most powerful setup, but i can run Soul Calibur 2 in Dolphin just fine, as well as run PPSSPP with no trouble at all. I had...
  5. Not really looking to put too much of a cap on...

    Not really looking to put too much of a cap on the budget. For most modern games, I have a PS4, but there's many games that I want to play that need a competent PC. Using a laptop right now, so I'll...
  6. What kind of PC setup do I need for GC and PS2 emulation?

    I'm not just talking "squeaks by with a few framerate drops here and there", i'm talking consistently smooth emulation (or as good as it can get) while also using screencap software. I plan to upload...
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    Extracting Gamecube textures?

    Looking to rip some textures from some gamecube games, but not really sure of the best way to go about it. I'd like a full rip, not just bits and pieces if at all possible.

    I've done some ripping...
  8. Nope, there was indeed a gamecube version...

    Nope, there was indeed a gamecube version released 8 months after Animal Forest called Animal Forest + which contained new features. It was then brought over to the US with e-Reader functionality,...
  9. Looking for Animal Forest+ (Doubutsu no Mori+) Gamecube ISO.

    Might seem like a bit of a strange request, but yeah. Not the e+ (or +e) version, just the + version that was released after the N64 one, but before the US release.

    I've checked a few sites,...
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