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Emulation on the Dreamcast Tests

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Ok it's been some years since I looked at what was available now going back to it I am pleased to see there has been much done here since I was last on top of the scene

Please note I have not tested many games only a few choice games to get a feel for the emulation

Here is what I have looked at so far

5th Gen Machines

Nintendo 64
There is only one worthy of Note but it has no sound DaedalusDC

Sony Playstation 80% Top rated but only supports 3 games
Several Homebrew ones around but none work great but that can still change

Bleem!cast Beta
Graphics 50 [OK for the most part asides from compat issues, FMV is not supported]
Sound 60 [Fine with alot of games, missing with some]
Speed 70 [Some games just work great but not all]
Overall 60 [This lacks things like saving and FMV play back, it is good for games that do not require saving though]

Graphics 110 [Not a typo these do improve the graphics]
Sound 100 [No faults that I remember]
Speed 100 [Ran these at full speed]
Overall 80 [I can't this 100& it only had 3 flavors Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo 2 and Tekken 3]

4th Gen Machines

Sega - Megadrive/Genesis 90% Top rating most games are perfect a few have minor issues

Officially by Sega hacked (Same as what the Smash pack used)
Graphics 80 [some layer issues and program issues with some roms]
Sound 70 [this was not emulated very well at all]
Speed 85 [Most will play at 100% speed]
Overall 75 [Not bad most games are playable]

Genesis Plus DC 2006 V 07/26/2006
Graphics 80 [a few new issues but not bad]
Sound 70 [Sound emulation is much better more accurate but what brings it down is the clicking in the background]
Speed 90 [A play with the settings may be required to get the magic 100% speed]
Overall 75 [Again good, most games do run full speed with sound]

*Gens4All 2012 V???? [The best to date]
Graphics 85 [Not had time to test too much but this seems to work with most games, with less glitches than above]
Sound 85 [Sound is almost there, this one still has clicks but they are not as bad as Genesis Plus DC]
Speed 90 [A play with the settings may be required to get the magic 100% speed]
Overall 90 [Almost there and it's not a dead project, though Chui is working on other projects for now]

Gens4All is to me the only one that is needed, though a compat list should be made at some point in time

Nintendo - Super Nintendo 75% top rating slow on some games others play to perfection

DreamSNES 2002 0.9.8 Will dig that out later (I already have this)
Graphics 85 [Looks great plus a couple of filter options]
Sound 75 [Some sounds seem to be missing in some games otherwise sound plays just great]
Speed 60 [The slowest overall however there are no pauses and a few games still run at full speed]
Overall 75 [Some games still run great there were close to perfection but alas this is long dead now]

Graphics 65 [Some work to do here glitches and missing graphics]
Sound 65 [Some work to do some missing and bad sound]
Speed 65 [Some work to do but lots run full speed but with pauses]
Overall 65 [Early development yet but it's one to watch in the future still good WIP progress some games do work fine]

*Super Famicast 2004 V 2.000 [The best to date]
Graphics 85 [Looks great plus the option to filter]
Sound 75 [Sounds seem to be all there, but don't always sound as they should]
Speed 60 [lots of games are running smooth but there are a few that lag small amounts to badly as well]
Overall 75 [Almost got there but this is dead as far as development goes]

DreamSNES and Super Famicast are both worth using at this point
A compat list could be done for these, a realistic one that is then a compilation CD could be made with only games that can be played without slowdown instead of having games that couldn't be played included
Some games in both will work 100% while other games struggle or are unplayabe, this goes for both.

NEC PC-Engine/Turbo GFX 16

I may share these as pre-built Mil-CD's but for now I am waiting to get some info from Chui about his Gens4All release

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  1. Zorlon's Avatar
    DreamSNES 0.9.8 Settings used for testing
    Autosave No
    TV-Mode No
    Fullscreen Off
    Refresh 60Hz
    Sound stereo
    Transparency Yes
    CPU optimizations Yes
    Mode7 interpolation No (noted if enabled)
    Language English

    Lag = pauses that can cause playability issues (normally this is bad)
    smooth = plays fine, it may not be perfect speed or may have other issues (these will be mentioned)
    very smooth = plays at full speed (speedometer will show less than 100% but frame skipping takes effect)
    Perfect?? = plays at full speed without frameskips (speedometer shows 100%)
    Otther = I will mention crash point if the game is not working

    Note: these are initial tests, i.e. I have not sat and fully played each game in the list,
    also menu's and sub screens are not counted towards the performance but if any have issues a small note will be made.

    2020 Super Baceball (USA) = Very smoothly
    3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA) = very smoothly
    7th Saga (USA) = very smoothly
    90 Minutes European Prime Goal (Europe) = Black screen on starting new game

    Aaahh!!! Real Monstears (USA) = very smooth
    ABC Monday Night Football (USA) = smooth
    ACME Animation Factory () = Very smooth
    ActRaiser (Europe) = black screen on starting new game
    ActRaiser 2 (Europe) = black screen on starting new game
    Addams Family Values () = very smooth (Main menu seems slow)
    Addams Family () = perfect??
    Addams Family Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt () = smooth (minor slow downs)
    Adventures of Batman & Robin () = very smooth
    Adventures of Dr. Franken () = very smooth
    Adventures of Kid Kleats () = very smooth
    Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends () = perfect??
    Adventures of TinTin Prisoners of the Sun () = very smooth
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Eye of the beholder () = very smooth
    Aerobiz () = smooth with slow down
    Aerobiz Super Sonic () = smooth with slow down
    Aero Fighters () = very smooth
    Aero the Acrobat () = very smooth (BGM cuts out)
    Aero the Acrobat 2 () = very smooth (BGM cuts out)
    Aguri Suzuki - F-1 Super Driving () = perfect??
    Air Calvery () = very smooth
    Aladin () = very smooth
    Alfred chicken () = perfect??
    Alien 3 () = very smooth
    Alien vs. Pedator () perfect?? (strobe effect or bug??)
    All-American Championship Football () = very smooth
    Al Unser Jr's Road to the Top () = very smooth
    American Gladiators (USA) = Perfect??
    Andre Agassi Tennis (USA) = Perfect??
    Animaniacs (Europe) = - very smooth
    Another World (Europe) = very smooth (Bad start screen sound)
    An American Tail - Feivel Goes West () = very smooth
    Arcade's Greatest Hits Williams () = very smooth (bad sounds)
    Arcade's Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 () = very smooth
    Arcana (USA) = very smooth
    Archer MacLean's Dropzone () = very smooth
    Ardy Lightfoot (Europe) = very smooth
    Arkanoid - Doh it Again () = very smooth
    Art of Fighting (Europe) = smooth but slow
    Astrix (Europe) = very smooth
    Astrix & Obelix (Europe) = very smooth
    Axelay (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Air strike Patrol () = smooth but briefing is a little slow + gfx glitches

    B.O.B. () = very smooth
    Bahamut Lagoon (Japan) [Translated] = smooth but a little slow in places
    Ballz 3D (USA) = Froze on logo - can't be played
    Barbie Super Model (USA) = smooth (Horrible sound)
    Barbie Vacation Adventure () = very smooth
    Barkley Shut Up and Jam! () = very smooth
    Bass Masters Classic - () = smoothly but a little slow in places
    Bastard - Dark God of Destruction (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Batman Forever (Europe) = very smooth
    Batman Returns (Europe) = very smooth
    Batman Revenge of the Joker () = very smooth
    Battletoads in Battlemaniacs () = very smooth
    Battletoads & Double Dragon Ultimate Team () = very smooth
    Battle Blaze (USA) = very smooth
    Battle Cars (USA) = very smooth
    Battle Clash (USA) [Lightgun game] = very smooth
    Battle Soccer Field () = smooth but a little slow
    Beauty and the Beast () = very smooth
    Beavis and Butthead (Europe) = very smooth
    Beethoven's 2nd (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Best of the Best - Chapionship Karate () = very smooth
    Big Sky Trooper (Europe) = Goes black on new game start
    Biker Mice From Mars (USA) = smooth
    Bill Laimbeer's Combat () = very smooth
    Bill Walsh College Football () = smooth but slow downs in text display parts and bad sounds
    Bio Metal (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Blackhawk (Europe) = very smooth
    Blazing Skies (Europe) = very smooth
    Blues Brothers (Europe) = very smooth
    Bonkers (USA) = very smooth
    Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure () = very smooth
    Boxing Legends of the Ring () = very smooth
    Brainies (Europe) = very smooth
    Brain Lord (USA) = very smooth
    Bram Stoker's Dracula () = very smooth
    Brandish (USA) = very smooth
    Brawl Brothers (USA) = very smooth
    BreakThru! (Europe) = very smooth
    Breath of Fire (USA) = smooth but a little slow
    Breath of Fire II (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Bronkie Health Hero (USA) = very smooth
    Brunswick World Tournament Champions Bowling () = very smooth
    Brutal - Paws od Fury () = very smooth
    BS Zelda [Nes Zelda remake old patched version] (Japan) = Crashes
    Bubsy in Claws Encount of the Furred Kind () = very smooth
    Bubsy II (Europe) = very smooth
    Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Ranpage = smooth (Sounds gets annoying)
    Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs () = very smooth
    Bust A Move (USA) = very smooth

    Cacoma Knight in Bizyland = very smooth
    California Games II (Europe) = very smooth
    Cal Ripkin Jr. Baseball = very smooth
    Cannon Fodder (Europe) = very smooth
    Captain America and The Avengers = very smooth
    Captain Commando (Europe) = very smooth
    Captain Novolin (USA) = smooth but poor sounds
    Carrier Aces (Europe) = very smooth
    Casper (USA) = very smooth
    Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss = smooth
    Championship Pool (Europe) = very smooth
    Championship Soccer '94 = very smooth
    Chaos Engine (Europe) = very smooth
    Chavaz (USA) = very smooth
    Chavaz II (USA) = very smooth (some bad sounds)
    Chessmaster (Europe) = perfect??
    Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool () = very smooth
    Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest () = very smooth
    Choplifter III (Europe) = very smooth
    Chrono Trigger (USA) = smooth (seems a little slow in parts)
    Chuck Rock (Europe) = perfect
    Circuit USA (Japan) = Freezes mid game
    Civilization (USA) = very smooth
    Claymates (Europe) = very smooth
    Clay Fighter (Europe) = Reports This game pack is not designed for your Super Famicom or Super NES (Try USA copy??)
    Clay Fighter 2 - Judgment Day = smooth (stuttering intro/cuts)
    Cliffhanger (Europe) = very smooth
    Clock Tower (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Clue (USA) = very smooth
    Combatribes (USA) = very smooth
    Congo's Caper (Europe) = Perfect??
    Contra III - The Alien Wars () = very smooth
    Cool Spot (Europe) = very smooth
    Cool World (USA) = very smooth
    Cutthrout Island (Europe) = very smooth
    Cu-On-Pa SFC (Japan) [Tanslated] = Stuck on save select
    Cybernator (Europe) = very smooth
    Cyber Knight (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Cyber Spin (USA) = perfect??

    Daffy Duck in Marvin Missions () = perfect??
    Darius Twin (Europe) = very smooth
    Dark Harf (Japan) [Translated/Partial] = very smooth
    Daze Before Christmas = very smooth
    Death and return of Superman = very smooth
    Demolition Man (Europe) = very smooth
    Demon's Crest (Europe) = very smooth
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