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Evolution of Final Fantasy

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I've noticed that the enemies from 1 through 6 all practically had the same character designs up until Final Fantasy 7 when things went to the playstation and the artists were free to do more with the designs then they were on the nes snes and gba.

But now with the graphics increase and the change in consoles the only problem that I have is that people say Final Fantasy 7 is the best of them all and the rest suck, from playing one and two on ps1, 4-6 on gba 7-9 ps1 and 12 no hdd for 11, on ps2 I say that they all are grade A games but I guess ya they don't al have the character with psychological and emotional problems from the lose of friends and a set enemy like Sephiroth.
But all of them have their own unique story drama and villans that you just wish you could knock their teeth out.

Also the amount of the world you're able to explore has grown and the combat system to me has gotten friendlier over the years so to me they're all great.
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