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Finding Roms for GGPO and Supercade.

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Part 2. Finding Roms: ROMS, oh no.......

The only roms that will run on these clients are MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Roms

MAME roms are hosted by Here
and here

(These are trusted by me "somewhat", but others have found better roms on torrents)

Download the game files you want. (Metal Slug, King Of Fighters, Street Fighters etc.)
DO NOT Unzip the files, it's in the format to allow the client/emulator to read it correctly.
*Some games are in specific places on sites*
( Examples: Marvel Vs. Capcom is in CPS2, King of Fighters is in Neo Geo (Arcade) not Neo Geo CD )

for GGPO Open folder, got to ROMS, put game files in roms section. Open Client, click setting, browse and click the folder you have your roms in.
for Supercade, open client, Log in, click settings, click browse, and find your game files you put in GGPO (You know, use the directory) .
or You can make your own ROMS folder (at least I did that)

Before you leave and attempt to play, you must also install (The bios files are required to even run the infernal thing)
When searching on the internet, the file must be bigger than 1MB

Put in roms folder.

Open Clients, login, rescan, if you rom reads, Good. If not, try again and make sure you have the correct ROMS directory.
If you attempt to load the game and encounter errors, the game is obviously not a good rom and you should try again.

Happy Hunting.

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  1. Sheras's Avatar
    thanks for part 2 sword. i've got to file the info away for now but once i get my own laptop i will get everything installed.
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