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An EP translation group? Why not?

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Hello, and welcome to the blog for EPTranslations*, the pseudo-official Emuparadise Japanese to English fan translation group. Ray and I have been knocking around the idea of starting a group for a while now, and it now appears to be a reality. After a couple of weeks of knocking ideas back and forth in Retro, I decided to create this blog in order to make our intentions public, and to create a neat little platform to display our results.

Our first project, barring any serious complications, will be the PC port of the first game in Sega's famous strategy RPG / graphic adventure series Sakura Taisen. Currently we have the game accepting English text in some fashion, and I'm working on a quick translation of the game's first chapter to give us an idea of what challenges the game presents. This will likely be publically released shortly afterward as a sort of proof of concept. Shots of some early work on the game are inside the spoiler tag below:

Spoiler warning:
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If you think you have relevant skills, then any offers of help would be appreciated, particularly on the technical side of things being that I'm not exactly computer-savvy. Project suggestions are also welcome. I can't promise we'll take up everything requested, but I'm by no means a guru on everything good that hasn't been translated, and if you have a pet project that you'd love to see in English, please feel free to ask. It might just be something I really dig.

I hope you enjoy our often misguided but mostly well-intentioned attempts at romhacking and fan translation.

- Elin

Name pending. Currently "Lemon Party Productions" appears to be a popular candidate.
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