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Heavy Metal Gamer Show Podcast - Episode 13 (Recorded Live 2/2/2018)

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Heavy Metal Gamer Show Podcast - Episode 13 (Recorded Live 2/2/2018):

So last night, around 10PM, I decided I was going to do a shoot the shit style live stream podcast. I mentioned at the end of the year that I wanted to do a live podcast episode, and finally did it. I guess you can say this is a test episode, but it is episode 13 of the podcast. I talk about a variety of shit, ranging from my channel, gaming, metal, and a whole shit load of things. Yes I was drinking as well, so it gets stupid LOL. I was going to wait until Tuesday or so to release it, but why not just release it now. Thanks to all who spent their night listening in and asking questions and just having a kick ass time. Thanks to all of you for listening in!


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