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Emoticons Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is up, check out now

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Emoticons Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is up, check out now

The Eiramoticons mod for Minecraft doesn’t necessarily add much to the game in terms of gameplay, but it definitely makes it much more enjoyable by implementing emoticons into the game. Emoticons, also referred to as emoji nowadays, are basically facial expressions that you can send to your friends or comrades while chatting to give a much clearer picture of what your expressions are at any given time. Of course, this isn’t a game changing feature that would take your experience to the new level but it’s still a pretty nice addition that’ll surely make the experience more enjoyable, especially if you chat with your friends often in-game.

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