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NeXTech Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is up, check out now

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NeXTech Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is up, check out now

The NeXTech mod is an industrial mod with a lot of work left before it can really be called ready to use. The creator plans to implement a lot of amazing features, items, mobs and more, but because of its young age, these things are a long way off yet. Taking inspiration directly from other mods like Computercraft and Industrialcraft 2, NeXTech is a mod which aims to take Minecraft into the future, making it less of the rustic farming and mining game which it is now and more like life in a big city with lots of advanced machinery, computers and other more modern contrivances.

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