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Phantasy Star Online for Xbox mod (COMPLETE)

Rating: 6 votes, 5.00 average.
This mod is to bring online quests to the offline single player mode

Single Player is so far Complete MultiPlayer tends to bug (maybe retry 2 player+ it another time)

New Quests are listed in the comments

Updated 4th-May-2011 at 16:49 by Zorlon

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  1. Zorlon's Avatar


    1. Lost Heat Sword [Very Easy]
    2. Reach for the Dream [GBA key item Chu Chu Rocket] [Very Easy]
    3. Pioneer Christmas [GBA key item Nights Score Attack] [Very Easy quest]
    4. St. Valentine's Day [Female only] [Very Easy quest]
    5. White Day [Male only] [Very Easy quest]
    6. Lost Ice Spinner [Very Easy quest]
    7. Blue Star Memories [Gamecube key item Episode III quest] [Toughish quest]
    8. Dream Messenger [Toughish quest]
    9. Today's Rate [Tough to Very Tough quest]
    10. Lost Soul Blade [Toughish questl]
    11. Central Dome Fire Swirl [Toughish quest]
    12. Rappy's Holiday [Toughish quest]
    13. Towards The Future
    14. Festivity On The Beach
    15. The Tinkerbell's Dog
    16. Respective Tomorrow
    17. Seat of the Heart [Tough quest]
    18. Tower Mop Up
    19. The Construct
    20. The East Tower [Very Tough quest]
    21. The West Tower [Very Tough quest]
    22. Gallon's Shop [GBA key item Puyo Pop]
    23. Maximum Attack 1
    24. Maximum Attack 2
    25. Beach Laughter

    • Completed the Quest Board Edit
    • [Dificulty] this was based on a level 30 HUcast naturally leveling through each of the above quests
    • GBA/GameCube Key Items can not be used to DL games to GBA doh!!! (Asides from that, I did not add the Quest with the GBA station)
    • Episode III quest item (You will asked if you wish to register this yes/no yes=crash the Xbox, no=the game continues normally )
    • Some quests after you have claimed your prize at the counter will not let you move, just save and quit to fix this. (All items & stats are kept)
    • Endless Nightmare 1 to 4 missing
    • Mop Up 1 to 4 missing
    • Phantasmal World 1 to 4 missing
    • 2+ Player quests not added
    Updated 1st-August-2011 at 14:16 by Zorlon
  2. juggalomars's Avatar
    Just curious if there's any plans on adding Endless Nightmare 1 to ,4Mop Up 1 to 4, Phantasmal World 1 to 4, and 2+ Player quests not added? Also, I will be starting these quests soon. Do you still want/need reports on how they are work?
    Updated 5th-July-2011 at 08:57 by juggalomars
  3. Zorlon's Avatar
    I lost all my files for this but yes I will be going back to this it won't take too long to do to be honest I'm just in the middle of another mod

    2+ player games can't be added though, from what I tested
  4. Zorlon's Avatar
    Going through the quests I missed from the first mod pack, also found a few more, well actually I found a way to add more than what was originally only GC/Xbox, I can add Dreamcast & PC quests aswell now, well should be able to not actually got round to testing just yet, I have a quest edititor that can import/export to downloadable compressed GC quests then I just decompress to the format used on the DVD

    GC & Xbox use the same format for there quest files

    I still can't import Multi Player Quest but I can import some of the online multi player Battle & Challenge games that are not the same as quests, I may end up re-doing the first pack to include those, not sure there is a need for the first pack as I can just have those in my second pack, if they are even different from what is in the game to start with

    Not Adding
    Gallon's Treachery (2 Player minamal-unplayable)
    Labyrinthine Trial (2 Player minamal-unplayable)
    Pioneer Warehouse (GBA downloads) [Kinda pointless]
    The Principal's Gift (2 Player minamal-unplayable)
    Voice Operation (Xbox exclusive that used the headset) [I don't have any xbox files]
    Singing By The Beach (Just can't find it)
    Military Strikes Back (2 Player minamal-unplayable)

    Total 6

    If there are versions of the GBA download rom quests for PC or Dreamcast I may try to have those instead to avoid crashes aswell as the one with the Episode 3 download for GameCube

    Just to note I am also looking at EP 4 quests, not sure if this is even possible but if they only use EP 1 and EP 2 maps they may work or they may bug out at some point due to unknown monsters or other unknown graphics not used in EP1&EP2
    Updated 1st-August-2011 at 13:57 by Zorlon
  5. Zorlon's Avatar
    Bug Fix

    Managed to hack "The Construct" quest, removed "Subroutine FSOD" as that crashes the xbox, also fixed the problem when you go under the dome that left you stuck on the edge, though it is a lil buggy still but nothing that should stop you, it's just a bit flickery in that location.

    Not in release yet though, just an update on what I'm doing
    Updated 31st-July-2011 at 21:48 by Zorlon
  6. Zorlon's Avatar
    New list of quests

    Episode 1 Quests

    36 Quests

    Central Dome Fire Swirl
    Christmas Fiasco 1
    Endless Nightmare #1
    Endless Nightmare #2
    Endless Nightmare #3
    Endless Nightmare #4
    Famitsu Maximum Attack - Not used, used V2 instead
    Lost Havoc Vulcan
    Milla Hunt - Junk quest
    Miyu's Nightmare
    Item Maker
    Mop-up Operation #1
    Mop-up Operation #2
    Mop-up Operation #3
    Mop-up Operation #4
    Ob Lilly Pwnage
    Pso Tools v 1 - Crashes out
    Rappy's Holiday
    Schthack's Request
    Science Project
    Slime Anarchy
    St. Valentine's Day
    Strange Sightings
    The Construct
    The Missing Maracas
    The Tinkerbell's Dog
    Today's Rate
    Towards the Future
    Tyrell's Last Hope
    White Day
    Wrath of Forest

    Episode 2 Quests

    29 Quests

    A New Hope
    Beach Laughter
    Blue Star Memories
    Christmas Fiasco 2
    Dream Messenger
    Festivity On The Beach
    Gallon's Shop
    Ill Gill Ownage
    Lost Devils Scepter
    Lost Riot Raygun
    Lost Shock Gungnir
    Love Rappy Temple
    Maximum Attack 2
    Phantasmal World #1
    Phantasmal World #2
    Phantasmal World #3
    Phantasmal World #4
    Pioneer Christmas
    Pioneer Halloween
    Reach for the dream
    Respective Tomorrow
    Sealed J-Sword Hunt
    Seat of the Heart
    The Construct
    The East Tower
    The West Tower
    Tower Mop Up
    Weather Effects

    35 EP1 + 29 EP2 = 64
    25 per pack x2=50 x3=75

    Probobly more like 34 EP1 not using PSO tools as most of that is in The Construct

    May include the Construct in all packs and exclude PSO Tools Quest
    so asides from The Construct there are 62 to add
    24 per pack 62 quests to add

    I have not got round to testing just yet, just been collecting and sorting quests, and converted them to compressed GC/Xbox format, I still need to extract these to RAW so they are directly playable on the XBOX

    I also have a bunch of Blue Burst Quests that are based in EP1/EP2 that may work, I have converted one so far but did end up removing 3 lines of BB only code and changing code for 8 NPC's, so that alone may of screwed that up
    Updated 3rd-August-2011 at 21:35 by Zorlon
  7. Zorlon's Avatar
    Hmm I can get Blue Burst Quests working after a bit of tinkering but not getting the rewards working yet, so I need to figure out properly how those are done, rather than just doing it hacked up lol
  8. Zorlon's Avatar
    Blue Burst notes

    Remove BB only lines
    Remove BB only references for NPC's/Remove Quest Girl
    Enable Guild Receptionist so Quest can be completed

    Still got to figure out rewards...

    Give up on this for now, will start testing the other quests, or compat/bugs/see if they are worth having at all

    Notes on what I'll be doing next...

    Once I have made up my mind what quests I want I may try and order them a bit better than last time beore hacking the quest board up

    There is also an Item Generator mod aswell but this may also be part of The Construct, I only just downloaded this and it was one I missed

    If anyone does know of any other download locations for quests whatever format qst or bin+dat please let me know (Not memcard saves of GC dowloaded quests or DC saves, both are not usable)

    If we have any Japanese translators that are willing to do same translations for me please let me know also, there isn't that much text in these quests but google translate ect don't give a very good offering and I can't make out enough to use it
    Updated 1st-August-2011 at 21:23 by Zorlon
  9. Zorlon's Avatar
    Going to have to remap some of the BB gov quests only have the first 3 as far as I know working, but they are fukky working

    Only issue is that in BB scripts you can designate Cave 1 twice with different layouts, this as far as I can tell can't be done in xbox/gc as far as I can tell
    Updated 2nd-August-2011 at 21:11 by Zorlon
  10. Zorlon's Avatar
    Blue Burst Government Quests Progress

    Episode 1 Blue Burst Government Quests
    1-1 is OK & fully tested
    1-2 is OK & fully tested
    1-3 is OK & fully tested
    2-1 is OK & fully tested
    2-2 is OK & fully tested
    2-3 is OK & fully tested
    2-4 is OK & fully tested
    3-1 Should be OK
    3-2 Should be OK
    3-3 Should be OK
    4-1 Should be OK
    4-2 Should be OK
    4-3 Should be OK
    4-4 Should be OK
    4-5 Should be OK
    Episode 2 Blue Burst Government Quests
    5-1 is OK
    5-2 is OK
    5-4 is OK
    6-1 is OK
    6-2 is OK
    7-1 is OK
    7-2 is OK
    7-4 is OK

    Notes:- I noticed some text oddness (a solid block then a c usually at the end, maybe a bit of BB only code in the text) I have no intention at the momemt of correcting this as it's hard enough just to get them running corectly, a few times now I have had to trick Qedit into adding the code correctly for V3 versions Xbox/GameCube version code
    Updated 9th-August-2011 at 20:42 by Zorlon
  11. Zorlon's Avatar
    Update released Quest Pack#1 and Quest Pack#2 now

    1. The Construct
    2. Item Maker
    3. 1-1 Planet Ragol
    4. 1-2 Torential Woods
    5. 1-3 Subterranean Den
    6. Mop-up Operation #1
    7. Endless Nightmare #1
    8. Central Dome Fire Swirl
    9. St. Valentine's Day
    10. Strange Sighting
    11. Rappy's Holiday
    12. Lost EGGBLASTER
    13. Wrath of Forest
    14. Lost HEAT SWORD
    15. 2-1 Infernal Cavern
    16. 2-2 Deep Within
    17. 2-3 The Mutation
    18. 2-4 Waterway Shadow
    19. Mop-up Operation #2
    20. Endless Nightmare #2
    21. Schthack's Request
    22. White Day
    23. Land of Lily
    24. Science Project
    25. Lost ICE SPINNER

    1. The Construct
    2. Item Maker
    3. Slime Anarchy
    4. The Missing Maracas
    5. The Tinkerbell's Dog
    6. 3-1 The Facility
    7. 3-2 Machines Attack
    8. 3-3 Central Control
    9. Mop-up Operation #3
    10. Endless Nightmare #3
    11. MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 v2
    12. Miyu's Nightmare
    13. Today's Rate
    14. Lost SOUL BLADE
    15. 4-1 The Lost Ruins
    16. 4-2 Buried Relics
    17. 4-3 Hero & Daughter
    18. 4-4 The Tomb Stirs
    19. 4-5 Dark Inheritance
    20. Mop-up Operation #4
    21. Endless Nightmare #4
    22. Christmas Fiasco 1
    23. Towards The Future
    24. Tyrell's Last Hope
    25. Lost HAVOC VULCAN

    For now that covers all the Episode 1 Quests I could find and be able to convert with my limited know how on Phantasy Star Online Quests/Blue Burst Quests.
  12. Nightfall Z's Avatar
    I officially dedicate this to me. hehehe Dangit Z wish you came up with this 10 - 12 years ago. It would have been that much more fun!!
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