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  1. Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: In The Hunt (Arcade)

    Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: In The Hunt (Arcade):

    Slowing things down to 2 videos this week and I figure I would start it off with a playthrough of In The Hunt for Arcade. A side shoot em up that will remind you heavily of Metal Slug. Hope you enjoy this playthrough. Thanks for watching.
  2. PSX Datacenter Update 27-February-2016

    Today I have added 4 new entries to the PSX Datacenter and updated some like Hugo 5, Hugo 6, Houma Hunter Lime 2, Ian Livingstone Deathtrap Dungeon, In the hunt, In cold blood, IK+, Intelligent Qube, Incredible Crisis, etc.

    I also added the pal english manual of Dino Crisis.

    You can check the details here:

    And the updates entries here:

    Have fun.
  3. Heavy Metal Gamer: In The Hunt Review

    by , 24th-February-2016 at 17:43 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Heavy Metal Gamer: In The Hunt Review:

    New review, and this time I would check out In The Hunt. Now this is one of those games that when released on the home console, the cover wasn't very good, but you can't really judge a game by it's cover. I hope you enjoy this review of In the Hunt. Thanks for watching.
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