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  1. Let me introduce myself

    Hello there, I am a new member of EmuParadise, but I have used this site to get ROMS in the past. The last week or so of being on this forum, I have enjoyed this place. Especially the PS2 ISO section.

    I just want to introduce myself. My name Aaron, you can call me Aaron, or ARProductions, it doesn't matter to me.

    I am a big fan of gaming and really enjoy alot of the retro games. I still think to this day alot of older games are better then newer games.

  2. Object of Reminder 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Raype View Post
    I'd personally like to see someone do a completely blind run of rosenkreuzstilette.

    If for no other reason than there being that one level where it never gets old to see someone's reaction to.

    They'd get bonus points for the grollschwert version.

    Also, BALLS HARD.
  3. Look Here, a Blog!

    by , 7th-March-2011 at 16:24 (Miniature Giant Space Hamsters)
    I'm really just making this so I can get more achievements because well... Why not?
  4. My very first finished translation project.

    Pretty bored last night so I decided to do a title screen edit to the Japanese-only game Asmik-Kun World 2. Here's the results of a little over an hour of labor. Now the game should be completely in English now.



    You can find more information as well as download links ...

    Updated 6th-March-2011 at 20:59 by Beelzebub

  5. Things I've stuck my dick in: Entry 1- My Toaster

    by , 6th-March-2011 at 02:04 (An Egregious Waste Of Time)
    After making myself a rather pleasant bit of toasted bread to go with my afternoon tea, I felt the urge to place my genitalia into the slots of my rather nice toaster. So, how did it go?

    Tightness: 6/10

    It was rather tight. A bit too much, actually. It felt highly unnatural to put my dick in there. I quickly ended up with a fairly flattened dick, reminiscent of when I slammed it in that drawer repeatedly. Fortunately, I wiped some excess peanut butter from the edge ...
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