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    DreamSNES 0.9.8 Settings used for testing
    Autosave No
    TV-Mode No
    Fullscreen Off
    Refresh 60Hz
    Sound stereo
    Transparency Yes
    CPU optimizations Yes
    Mode7 interpolation No (noted if enabled)
    Language English

    Lag = pauses that can cause playability issues (normally this is bad)
    smooth = plays fine, it may not be perfect speed or may have other issues (these will be mentioned)
    very smooth = plays at full speed (speedometer will show less than 100% but frame skipping takes effect)
    Perfect?? = plays at full speed without frameskips (speedometer shows 100%)
    Otther = I will mention crash point if the game is not working

    Note: these are initial tests, i.e. I have not sat and fully played each game in the list,
    also menu's and sub screens are not counted towards the performance but if any have issues a small note will be made.

    2020 Super Baceball (USA) = Very smoothly
    3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA) = very smoothly
    7th Saga (USA) = very smoothly
    90 Minutes European Prime Goal (Europe) = Black screen on starting new game

    Aaahh!!! Real Monstears (USA) = very smooth
    ABC Monday Night Football (USA) = smooth
    ACME Animation Factory () = Very smooth
    ActRaiser (Europe) = black screen on starting new game
    ActRaiser 2 (Europe) = black screen on starting new game
    Addams Family Values () = very smooth (Main menu seems slow)
    Addams Family () = perfect??
    Addams Family Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt () = smooth (minor slow downs)
    Adventures of Batman & Robin () = very smooth
    Adventures of Dr. Franken () = very smooth
    Adventures of Kid Kleats () = very smooth
    Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends () = perfect??
    Adventures of TinTin Prisoners of the Sun () = very smooth
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Eye of the beholder () = very smooth
    Aerobiz () = smooth with slow down
    Aerobiz Super Sonic () = smooth with slow down
    Aero Fighters () = very smooth
    Aero the Acrobat () = very smooth (BGM cuts out)
    Aero the Acrobat 2 () = very smooth (BGM cuts out)
    Aguri Suzuki - F-1 Super Driving () = perfect??
    Air Calvery () = very smooth
    Aladin () = very smooth
    Alfred chicken () = perfect??
    Alien 3 () = very smooth
    Alien vs. Pedator () perfect?? (strobe effect or bug??)
    All-American Championship Football () = very smooth
    Al Unser Jr's Road to the Top () = very smooth
    American Gladiators (USA) = Perfect??
    Andre Agassi Tennis (USA) = Perfect??
    Animaniacs (Europe) = - very smooth
    Another World (Europe) = very smooth (Bad start screen sound)
    An American Tail - Feivel Goes West () = very smooth
    Arcade's Greatest Hits Williams () = very smooth (bad sounds)
    Arcade's Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 () = very smooth
    Arcana (USA) = very smooth
    Archer MacLean's Dropzone () = very smooth
    Ardy Lightfoot (Europe) = very smooth
    Arkanoid - Doh it Again () = very smooth
    Art of Fighting (Europe) = smooth but slow
    Astrix (Europe) = very smooth
    Astrix & Obelix (Europe) = very smooth
    Axelay (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Air strike Patrol () = smooth but briefing is a little slow + gfx glitches

    B.O.B. () = very smooth
    Bahamut Lagoon (Japan) [Translated] = smooth but a little slow in places
    Ballz 3D (USA) = Froze on logo - can't be played
    Barbie Super Model (USA) = smooth (Horrible sound)
    Barbie Vacation Adventure () = very smooth
    Barkley Shut Up and Jam! () = very smooth
    Bass Masters Classic - () = smoothly but a little slow in places
    Bastard - Dark God of Destruction (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Batman Forever (Europe) = very smooth
    Batman Returns (Europe) = very smooth
    Batman Revenge of the Joker () = very smooth
    Battletoads in Battlemaniacs () = very smooth
    Battletoads & Double Dragon Ultimate Team () = very smooth
    Battle Blaze (USA) = very smooth
    Battle Cars (USA) = very smooth
    Battle Clash (USA) [Lightgun game] = very smooth
    Battle Soccer Field () = smooth but a little slow
    Beauty and the Beast () = very smooth
    Beavis and Butthead (Europe) = very smooth
    Beethoven's 2nd (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Best of the Best - Chapionship Karate () = very smooth
    Big Sky Trooper (Europe) = Goes black on new game start
    Biker Mice From Mars (USA) = smooth
    Bill Laimbeer's Combat () = very smooth
    Bill Walsh College Football () = smooth but slow downs in text display parts and bad sounds
    Bio Metal (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Blackhawk (Europe) = very smooth
    Blazing Skies (Europe) = very smooth
    Blues Brothers (Europe) = very smooth
    Bonkers (USA) = very smooth
    Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure () = very smooth
    Boxing Legends of the Ring () = very smooth
    Brainies (Europe) = very smooth
    Brain Lord (USA) = very smooth
    Bram Stoker's Dracula () = very smooth
    Brandish (USA) = very smooth
    Brawl Brothers (USA) = very smooth
    BreakThru! (Europe) = very smooth
    Breath of Fire (USA) = smooth but a little slow
    Breath of Fire II (Europe) = smooth but a little slow
    Bronkie Health Hero (USA) = very smooth
    Brunswick World Tournament Champions Bowling () = very smooth
    Brutal - Paws od Fury () = very smooth
    BS Zelda [Nes Zelda remake old patched version] (Japan) = Crashes
    Bubsy in Claws Encount of the Furred Kind () = very smooth
    Bubsy II (Europe) = very smooth
    Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Ranpage = smooth (Sounds gets annoying)
    Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs () = very smooth
    Bust A Move (USA) = very smooth

    Cacoma Knight in Bizyland = very smooth
    California Games II (Europe) = very smooth
    Cal Ripkin Jr. Baseball = very smooth
    Cannon Fodder (Europe) = very smooth
    Captain America and The Avengers = very smooth
    Captain Commando (Europe) = very smooth
    Captain Novolin (USA) = smooth but poor sounds
    Carrier Aces (Europe) = very smooth
    Casper (USA) = very smooth
    Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss = smooth
    Championship Pool (Europe) = very smooth
    Championship Soccer '94 = very smooth
    Chaos Engine (Europe) = very smooth
    Chavaz (USA) = very smooth
    Chavaz II (USA) = very smooth (some bad sounds)
    Chessmaster (Europe) = perfect??
    Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool () = very smooth
    Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest () = very smooth
    Choplifter III (Europe) = very smooth
    Chrono Trigger (USA) = smooth (seems a little slow in parts)
    Chuck Rock (Europe) = perfect
    Circuit USA (Japan) = Freezes mid game
    Civilization (USA) = very smooth
    Claymates (Europe) = very smooth
    Clay Fighter (Europe) = Reports This game pack is not designed for your Super Famicom or Super NES (Try USA copy??)
    Clay Fighter 2 - Judgment Day = smooth (stuttering intro/cuts)
    Cliffhanger (Europe) = very smooth
    Clock Tower (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Clue (USA) = very smooth
    Combatribes (USA) = very smooth
    Congo's Caper (Europe) = Perfect??
    Contra III - The Alien Wars () = very smooth
    Cool Spot (Europe) = very smooth
    Cool World (USA) = very smooth
    Cutthrout Island (Europe) = very smooth
    Cu-On-Pa SFC (Japan) [Tanslated] = Stuck on save select
    Cybernator (Europe) = very smooth
    Cyber Knight (Japan) [Translated] = very smooth
    Cyber Spin (USA) = perfect??

    Daffy Duck in Marvin Missions () = perfect??
    Darius Twin (Europe) = very smooth
    Dark Harf (Japan) [Translated/Partial] = very smooth
    Daze Before Christmas = very smooth
    Death and return of Superman = very smooth
    Demolition Man (Europe) = very smooth
    Demon's Crest (Europe) = very smooth
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    NTSC-U version of Stupid Invaders uses a single STUPID.DAT file
    this is over 900MB as I have no idea how to manipulate that file I can't rip this to 99min or 80min media.

    ECHELON done the PAL-E version only and there has been no Mil-CD/CD-R rip of the US version, I may take another look and look at the PAL-E version GDI and see if that one is originally the same, but I think that this one may remain as a disc that is not in Mil-CD format sadly.

    NTSC-U version of Sega Rally 2 Championship will not fit onto a 99min CD with CDDA in tact I checked the contents and can see it uses music files for a few menu's that I may loop or dummy up so the in-game CDDA can be kept, this will end up having something ripped though even to fit onto a 99min CD, I have put that one back as I don't want to start missing big on another rip just yet

    Ripped TNN earlier today though, just getting that uploaded now

    I will also get some of the PAL games out of the way as well then look at the 80min rips around around and see what has re-sampling or ripping done to fit a 80min then see if I can get away with a 99min without ripping done or any re-sampling

    F1 World Grand Prix v1.006 (2000)(Video System)(NTSC)(US)(M4)[!] done just because I don't like Cracktro's and the NTSC version by Echelon has a Cracktro inserted into it
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    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 3 of 3)[!]
    Just about completed my testing start to end. Too much red bull in this game

    One thing I forgot about was the tutorials found at the shops/stores in game, I only played the first tutorial, I don't really see a reason for them not to work though.

    I seem to of messed up something but it will not take too long to fix I hope but I will do that tomorrow though I have other things I need to be doing today dam it it's right at the end sequences as well just before the end credits...

    I may yet bung these on a upload service, I had planned on a Underground Gamer torrent but they have recently gone down

    EDIT: I found the issue and have fixed that already I just had a single file missing, the ending now fully plays through then the credits roll and back to the main menu.
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    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 3 of 3)[!]
    Disc 2 is fully tested now will be testing disc 3 tomorrow

    Done a few others while playing

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure v1.001 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = The game doesn't work in VGA mode
    Reason = No US Mil-CD found

    Maken X v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Jap Voices
    Re-sampled = Voices are mono
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 99min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = I used Echelons Audio file for this, no idea how they manipulated it or I would of only ripped out the Jap voice data, CDDA is included though
    Reason = No US Mil-CD found

    NFL Blitz 2000 v2.000 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes =
    Reason = No US Mil-CD found
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    Still play testing but it's done at last , well make that enjoying a relaxing play through without having to take notes and without using debug mode.

    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 1 of 3)[!]
    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 2 of 3)[!]
    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 3 of 3)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing but is split over 3 CD's
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = This is split onto 3 discs but each save for next disc point is indicated, on disc 1 the main map will have an area called SAVE FOR CD 2, make sure you are finished with any backtracking first then save at the SAVE FOR CD 2 location and change discs, for disc 2 it is slightly different, there will be a location named SAVE AT INN FOR CD 3, no back tracking can be done, but the save place is not at the SAVE AT INN FOR CD 3 location but at the only other location that is on the map, save at the Inn, located there without doing anything else and change discs to the final disc. 3.
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    Almost there should of tested to change point very very soon

    After that I will build and burn CD 2 of 2 the reason I waited was to make sure I didn't have to roll back the disc change point and changing what files are used, but it's looking like I got it perfect first time

    Yay in the SAVE FOR CD 2 area, P.S. you do not need to enter this area if you would rather save in the previous area so when you change to CD 2 the SAVE FOR CD 2 location shows the correct name before you enter it

    I will test CD 1 a little more into play as I let players get a little further before the change becomes a requirement

    EDIT: I miss calculated something, gunna scap this for now and go back to it

    99min 2 disc is very possible but 80min I am having problems getting to fit onto 2 CD's the change discs point would be different as well, I can keep my current change point for a 3 80min CD rip, but not for a 2 CD rip

    EDIT: keeping CD 1 and making a CD 2 and CD 3 just figuring out the Change to CD 3 point

    I will try and make it so you can tell via a Map like on CD 1
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    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)(CD 1 of 2)[!]

    This is now built for testing

    CD 2 is on hold until I have fully tested the first disc (that will be a very basic play through though)

    I done a little Map screen edit so one area is called SAVE FOR CD 2 so all you need to do is save and change discs, as it happens you may save is any of the locations shown on that map, but once you see the SAVE FOR CD 2 I would save then before continuing the game

    After you save and boot up CD 2 you just need to use Load Save and continue playing CD 2 will also revert to the proper Map screen and show the correct location name

    My play through will take apx 50 hours though to get to my swap point, providing everything is ok so far.

    Finally this game is happening with no down-sampling or re-sampling or anything removed

    P.S. The image shows you the point that you should save, though it can be saved at any location on that map as CD 2 has all of those locations anyway
    I blotted out the location names because I don't want to give any spoilers but you can see that you are well informed that you need to save and chance CD's

    I am still play testing CD 1 but once I know for certain it works up to the point I need it to I will build the 2nd CD
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    Completed my Grandia II play through (over 100 hours of play and that's not bothering to talk to most the NPC's) now I have a very good idea of what files are used and when, I should be able to make this into a two disc game that has everything in it with no down-sampling & fit on to standard 80min discs, I was worried it would not fit because most the FMV is actually going to be on the 2nd CD, with the first only having the first 4 out of 24, but because there will be less area's on CD 2 this fits rather easy

    Once I have built these though I will be testing after, also for how to know when to change CD's I will just edit the text on one of the main maps so instead of saying "CYRUM KINGDOM" for the map location it will say "SAVE FOR CD 2", I would of put more into that but the way I am placing text is a rather rough hack method, aka Hex edit, this is something I have only tested a small amount I will fully test that soon, preferably on my Dreamcast via the SD before I burn anything, if this game can run from the SD that is, I will look at that much later on tonight as I'm off out soon
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    Quick note for Grandia II I finally found the text

    I will check others other area's later, I found the text it was file_1 contained inside the AFS file for the area I was checking

    So changing repeated text on disc 1 to say "please save and change discs to continue" shouldn't be too hard to do (there is some funny coding there though but I'm sure i will figure it out ) only on repeated text so you can still see the original text when on disc 2

    While playing this game I have noticed some rather bad english in this game (more like Yoda talking some errors are just words in the wrong order), so if anyone feels like pointing out the parts the need text fixes let me know (would need area name and what the text is, you can put what the text should be as well if you wish) otherwise it will be left as is, for now I'm not going to bother I have skipped much of the yap so far so don't see the point in taking notes on text errors now.

    I'm not a fan of proof reading (i.e. I'm not good at it I tend to read what it should be anyway so I put words in that are not even there in my head when I read.)
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    Still taking notes on Grandia II, I may be looking for testers though once I make my first couple of disc images

    I still plan to have it as a 2 CD build for 80min CD-R's I am confident this can be done without any down sample applied

    I have been taking note of area's that do not get re-used, but to get accurate results I am having to play this normally without Area jumping via the debug options I have enabled and will have to play to the end, my memory of the game is a little fuzzy so not sure if you can back track or not or how far you can back track, but there are certain places you can't back track to mid game and there are area's that you can not re-enter again once done, even if you could back track

    The more I am playing though the more I think this can done, and be done a lot better than previous groups have tried, Like Echelon and DCres that have both had or attempted to do a 2 CD rip, both of these down-sampled for the 2 CD rip main movies and sound files, only the spell FMV was intact for both because down-sampling those just = they did not work

    I will not post my notes though as there is spoiler information in them.

    P.S. I don't think I am even close to getting to the halfway mark on my notes, lots of files and lots of gameplay

    I also don't know what file contains in-game text as of yet, but if I can not find it I can build a disc then edit the text in the actual disc image rather than editing a single file from the disc, this would be just to inform you in game to save then change discs (this will only be tagged to NPC's that repeat what they say so once you change discs you can talk to them again to get the original text)

    I don't mind single disc to multi disc rips but I always hated it when the change point is not clear so adding an in-game message to say "Please save and change discs.", "my proper text is on CD2" would be a good idea.
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    I'm not going to be doing much with anything today

    I started taking lots of notes for Grandia II last night though, noting what AFS files are used in each area, I'm playing through a single 80min disc rip by DCRES that I modded to enable debug mode, this lets me see what each ####.ASF file is compared with each area, e.g.

    2000 = Carbo Village
    2001 = Carbo Village - Cut scenes
    2010 = Carbo Inn
    2020 = General store
    2030 = Carbo Church of Granas
    20A0 = Carbo House 1
    20B0 = Carbo House 2
    20C0 = Carbo House 3
    20D0 = Carbo House 4

    2400 = The Black Forest 1
    2410 = The Black Forest 2

    2A00 = GARMIA TOWER - Cut Scenes
    2801 = GARMIA TOWER - Outside

    Not played much yet. but I know Black Forest & Garmia Tower are closed once you have done those bits so I can exclude those file from a 2nd disc (or dummy them).

    This will take some play testing after as well, not even sure if the FMV auto plays with debug enabled yet I know it skipped the opening scenes though, but I think I can place most of the FMV's anyway though it has been some time since I played this gem, actually I kinda hope they do play with debug on, it will make this much easier. (EDIT FMV plays as it should it's just the intro scene is cut with debug enabled)

    CD1 should be the easy one to do, it is CD2 that is going to be the trouble CD1 I can exclude area files and FMV after the disc is full, but I'm sure you can back track in this game so it's figuring out if there are any files I can exclude without stopping players from back tracking
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    Armada v1.000 (1999)(Metro3D)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    OS = WINCE
    Media size = 99min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = a single CDDA track and data track not much in this could be ripped or re-sampled previous rips have CDDA missing or CDDA trimmed

    I will keep em coming, again these are on request only for now as they are for my personal use/collection, though I may do a small torrent once I have 10 GD-Rom dumps to Mil-CD done that may be without the Virtual Cop 2 one though unless I crack the CDDA issue with that one

    GigaWing v1.000 (2000)(Capcom)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes =

    Not sure why I couldn't find this one it's not a hard game to self boot but I didn't see it, though DC Mil-CD's are harder to find now as most sites that did / do claim to have them are either very old dumps most of them don't self boot and are older bad rips or the files are just missing or broken.
    There is a good PAL copy though, so just doing this one to make my collection more complete.

    Next Tetris, The - On-line Edition v1.100 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    OS = WINCE
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes =

    Another game that I could only find a PAL version of as a Mil-CD

    Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!]

    For now I am only looking at this

    I know I can not fit this onto a single 80min disc without heavy down-sampling
    I know I can't even fit this on a 99min disc without heavy down-sampling
    I may be able to split this onto 2 CD's though, I hope 80min ones rather than 99min ones with no down-sampling

    The game is huge in-game and as data

    Previous releases have either had just about everything down-sampled and then fit to a single CD or split onto 2 80min CD's and still had down-sampling done

    Now with Echelon's release that was on 2 CD's with down-sampling they have all the files on both discs except for the FMV that was split between the CD's and what was not on one CD was on the other with the rest of the FMV cuts as dummy FMV with a message saying you have the incorrect disc in, not a bad idea but I plan to look at more files that are not needed in both CD's, so 1 list of files for the first half of the game then another for the 2nd CD but not just the FMV, the biggest problem I can see that I may have too many files even after I split the files into 1st half and 2nd half, there will also always be files that are used by both halves of the game

    Also if I can edit in-game text (not looked yet and I'm no programmer, so it's hex for me) I will make a few NPC's tell you to change disc if this is possible, it would only be with NPC's that repeat though so you can see what they say when you do save then change discs

    This will take some time, so I imagine this list of rips for today will be the end of the list for a few days yet...

    P.S. I love this game so much I have it on 3 platforms Dreamcast (you don't say ), PS2 and PC
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    Back on the right track today

    Virtua Cop 2 v1.011 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    OS = WINCE
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = CDDA does not work even though it is present (This is a known issue for this game and has never been done yet with CDDA)
    (JP) Playable = Japanese text but once in game your ok it even has english voices and it is just a basic light gun game

    Yeah I cracked it I just forgot to correctly set the LBA for the data track just wish I knew how to get the CDDA working

    Will need to re-rip my other rips from GD-Rom images I forgot something in the sort lists so it messed up the sort my nrg to cdi rips are just fine though any problem with those reside with the original ripper.

    Airforce Delta v1.000 (1999)(Konami)(NTSC)(US)[!][2S T-9501NAF]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 99min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = I would need to do some ripping to make this fit on a 80min CD [CDDA is working]

    All 80min rips of this game have CDDA replaced or duped to make it fit, no other files are able to be down sampled so that was the only way to make it fit onto a 80min CD so my rip is a 99min CD rip with nothing removed or replaced or any kind of re-sample

    I went with this game because I couldn't find the US version as a Mil-CD, aka self boot, though I am sure it has been done but not a rip without ripping anything out, so it's still a win

    Sega Tetris v1.006 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
    Sort = Original
    Ripped = Nothing
    Re-sampled = Nothing
    VGA = Yes
    Media size = 80min
    Mil-CD type = audio/data
    Source = GD-Rom image
    Notes = I couldn't get a data/data image to boot so went audio/data for this one even though it has no CDDA tracks
    (JP) Playable = Yes very much so it's not text heavy but the menu's are japanese

    Sega Tetris is not a WinCE game like I thought it was, it's just a KATANA game with uncommon booting, I wasn't having a good day yesterday lol
    This is also another game I have not seen as a self boot so would be hard to find if it did exist

    P.S. I'm not exactly new to this but it has been some years since I done DC rips, I just never released them and was only using them for personal use plus some of those had been badly ripped or from poor souces now we can do them from GD-Rom dumps so all of mine will be the best I can do, most I hope will not have any sort of re-sampling done or anything ripped out, but to do that some of the rips will be for 99min media only
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    GET!! Colonies v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
    I can't seem to get this to boot in Mil-CD format, maybe copy protection of some sort, the usual hacking methods are not working though.
    It's a WinCE game, this may be part of the problem
    Sega Tetris v1.006 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
    Another game I couldn't get to work from Mil-CD (I didn't test the GDI with this one, I will go back to those though)
    It also uses WinCE
    Virtua Cop 2 v1.011 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
    Yet another WinCE game can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here

    Tested the old methods of bincon and binhack resulting in failure
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    I officially dedicate this to me. hehehe Dangit Z wish you came up with this 10 - 12 years ago. It would have been that much more fun!!
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    Update released Quest Pack#1 and Quest Pack#2 now

    1. The Construct
    2. Item Maker
    3. 1-1 Planet Ragol
    4. 1-2 Torential Woods
    5. 1-3 Subterranean Den
    6. Mop-up Operation #1
    7. Endless Nightmare #1
    8. Central Dome Fire Swirl
    9. St. Valentine's Day
    10. Strange Sighting
    11. Rappy's Holiday
    12. Lost EGGBLASTER
    13. Wrath of Forest
    14. Lost HEAT SWORD
    15. 2-1 Infernal Cavern
    16. 2-2 Deep Within
    17. 2-3 The Mutation
    18. 2-4 Waterway Shadow
    19. Mop-up Operation #2
    20. Endless Nightmare #2
    21. Schthack's Request
    22. White Day
    23. Land of Lily
    24. Science Project
    25. Lost ICE SPINNER

    1. The Construct
    2. Item Maker
    3. Slime Anarchy
    4. The Missing Maracas
    5. The Tinkerbell's Dog
    6. 3-1 The Facility
    7. 3-2 Machines Attack
    8. 3-3 Central Control
    9. Mop-up Operation #3
    10. Endless Nightmare #3
    11. MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 v2
    12. Miyu's Nightmare
    13. Today's Rate
    14. Lost SOUL BLADE
    15. 4-1 The Lost Ruins
    16. 4-2 Buried Relics
    17. 4-3 Hero & Daughter
    18. 4-4 The Tomb Stirs
    19. 4-5 Dark Inheritance
    20. Mop-up Operation #4
    21. Endless Nightmare #4
    22. Christmas Fiasco 1
    23. Towards The Future
    24. Tyrell's Last Hope
    25. Lost HAVOC VULCAN

    For now that covers all the Episode 1 Quests I could find and be able to convert with my limited know how on Phantasy Star Online Quests/Blue Burst Quests.
  17. Zorlon's Avatar
    Blue Burst Government Quests Progress

    Episode 1 Blue Burst Government Quests
    1-1 is OK & fully tested
    1-2 is OK & fully tested
    1-3 is OK & fully tested
    2-1 is OK & fully tested
    2-2 is OK & fully tested
    2-3 is OK & fully tested
    2-4 is OK & fully tested
    3-1 Should be OK
    3-2 Should be OK
    3-3 Should be OK
    4-1 Should be OK
    4-2 Should be OK
    4-3 Should be OK
    4-4 Should be OK
    4-5 Should be OK
    Episode 2 Blue Burst Government Quests
    5-1 is OK
    5-2 is OK
    5-4 is OK
    6-1 is OK
    6-2 is OK
    7-1 is OK
    7-2 is OK
    7-4 is OK

    Notes:- I noticed some text oddness (a solid block then a c usually at the end, maybe a bit of BB only code in the text) I have no intention at the momemt of correcting this as it's hard enough just to get them running corectly, a few times now I have had to trick Qedit into adding the code correctly for V3 versions Xbox/GameCube version code
    Updated 9th-August-2011 at 20:42 by Zorlon
  18. Zorlon's Avatar
    Going to have to remap some of the BB gov quests only have the first 3 as far as I know working, but they are fukky working

    Only issue is that in BB scripts you can designate Cave 1 twice with different layouts, this as far as I can tell can't be done in xbox/gc as far as I can tell
    Updated 2nd-August-2011 at 21:11 by Zorlon
  19. Zorlon's Avatar
    Blue Burst notes

    Remove BB only lines
    Remove BB only references for NPC's/Remove Quest Girl
    Enable Guild Receptionist so Quest can be completed

    Still got to figure out rewards...

    Give up on this for now, will start testing the other quests, or compat/bugs/see if they are worth having at all

    Notes on what I'll be doing next...

    Once I have made up my mind what quests I want I may try and order them a bit better than last time beore hacking the quest board up

    There is also an Item Generator mod aswell but this may also be part of The Construct, I only just downloaded this and it was one I missed

    If anyone does know of any other download locations for quests whatever format qst or bin+dat please let me know (Not memcard saves of GC dowloaded quests or DC saves, both are not usable)

    If we have any Japanese translators that are willing to do same translations for me please let me know also, there isn't that much text in these quests but google translate ect don't give a very good offering and I can't make out enough to use it
    Updated 1st-August-2011 at 21:23 by Zorlon
  20. Zorlon's Avatar
    Hmm I can get Blue Burst Quests working after a bit of tinkering but not getting the rewards working yet, so I need to figure out properly how those are done, rather than just doing it hacked up lol
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