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Altering games

  1. GTA San Andreas Mods

    So far I only have the Hot Coffee and Real Car names mods installed

    Both need fixes

    I do plan on doing this but so far this is notes and digging round

    I need to fix bugs caused by the Hot Coffee
    1. X and A need to be replaced to L and R for the Schools... I.E. hit X+A to start to do a spin (actual keys but the game asks for L+R for 360 and A for all others when it should be R)
    FIXED This was done by hacking the xbox script instead of the ...

    Updated 11th-July-2011 at 15:58 by Zorlon

  2. Phantasy Star Online for Xbox mod (COMPLETE)

    This mod is to bring online quests to the offline single player mode

    Single Player is so far Complete MultiPlayer tends to bug (maybe retry 2 player+ it another time)

    New Quests are listed in the comments

    Updated 4th-May-2011 at 16:49 by Zorlon

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