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In February of 2011, a couple of EP members decided that it would somehow be a good idea to have our own Japanese to English translation group. Fast forward to 2012 and this is now a hilariously haphazard reality. Welcome to the blog of EPTranslations, as our group will be known while we think up something better.

Feel free to drop us a PM or a comment if you have relevant skills and would like to help out! Project suggestions are also welcome, be they games, movies, anime or anything else in Japanese that you'd like to see in English.

Currently Affiliated:
Translator: Elin
Hacking: Krisan Thyme, Raype, Tanthias
Proofreaders / Editors / Testers: Beelzebub, Devi, Drageuth, Elmdor, Ivolt, Milady, Raype, Tanthias
Image Editing: Beelzebub, Drageuth
Sexy Poster Boy: Elmdor

Current Projects:
Sakura Taisen PC (Early stages, pending release of first chapter test patch)

  1. An EP translation group? Why not?

    by , 7th-February-2012 at 20:44 (EPTranslations Blog)
    Hello, and welcome to the blog for EPTranslations*, the pseudo-official Emuparadise Japanese to English fan translation group. Ray and I have been knocking around the idea of starting a group for a while now, and it now appears to be a reality. After a couple of weeks of knocking ideas back and forth in Retro, I decided to create this blog in order to make our intentions public, and to create a neat little platform to display our results.

    Our first project, barring any serious ...
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