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  1. Finding Roms for GGPO and Supercade.

    Part 2. Finding Roms: ROMS, oh no.......

    The only roms that will run on these clients are MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Roms

    MAME roms are hosted by Here
    and here

    (These are trusted by me "somewhat", but others have found better roms on torrents)

    Download the game files you want. (Metal Slug, King Of Fighters, Street Fighters etc.)
    DO NOT Unzip ...

    Updated 15th-May-2012 at 18:47 by Sheik

  2. A Noob's Guide on Installing GGPO and Supercade

    What is GGPO?

    GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games.
    (Basically giving online play to Arcade games and systems.)

    How does it work?

    GGPO uses a peer-to-peer topology to run a complete copy of your game for each player, transmitting controller inputs over the network to keep these copies in sync.
    (Both copies of the game are synched so it feels like the person ...

    Updated 14th-May-2012 at 15:09 by Sheik

  3. Marine Here!

    I am an marine now and it feels so awesome parading my status around. I would say do what's best for you though.
  4. EVEn F****** MOAR Egoraptor

    If you haven't noticed , you're crazy. I love to hear Egoraptor rant, especially about classics I can now grow up on.
    (18 Here)

    Super Castlevania 4 Review
    (Not mabe by me, Egoraptor made this) Castlevania fans will.....think?
  5. We need Moar Egoraptor

    Seriously, Maybe all of the people have watched this....
    Course if you haven't here's some reviews(Not BY ME but Egoraptor Alone)

    Mega MAn X fans will freak!
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