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  1. Earthworm Jim 3D (PC) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

    Earthworm Jim 3D (PC) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show:

    Alright! Starting the week off with the third game in the Earthworm Jim series. This is the PC version of Earthworm Jim 3D. VIS Entertainment and published Interplay. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Heavy Metal Gamer: Redneck Rampage Review

    Heavy Metal Gamer: Redneck Rampage Review

    YEEEEEEEEHAW, Hold on to yer butt, grab yer ol lady and take her to a ho down, while drinkin' that moonshine. Make sure you have yer ol shotgun to just in case yer brother tries to touch yer ol lady's butt....ok enough of the redneck talk. This week's review is Redneck Rampage for the PC, I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for watching.
  3. Heavy Metal Gamer: Boogerman Review

    by , 9th-November-2013 at 19:09 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Heavy Metal Gamer: Boogerman Review:

    Boogers, farts, burps and all that fun stuff. That is what Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure is all about. Decided to do a review of this game.

    Like I mentioned in the review, there is a kickstarter for a new Boogerman, here is the link below:

    Hope you guys enjoy the review. Thanks for watching. ...
  4. Heavy Metal Gamer: ClayFighter Review

    Brand new review, I had something planned for this review, but ran into computer issues, and ended up losing the review I had planned. So I decided to review a game that I use to play a lot of when I was a kid. I hope you enjoy this review, thanks for watching!
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