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  1. Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: WWE 2K20 - Radical Rick Vs Silent Rob (No Holds Barred)

    by , 26th-September-2020 at 16:48 (Heavy Metal Gamer's Blog)
    Heavy Metal Gamer Plays: WWE 2K20 - Radical Rick Vs Silent Rob (No Holds Barred):

    Internet fights are funny between Youtubers. Radical Rick and Silent Rob have been going back and forth. So I figured I would put them in a CPU ran match on WWE 2K20. Hope you enjoy this ridiculous. Thanks for watching.
  2. Hook, Line, and Sinker....The Final Chapter!

    Hook, Line, and Sinker....The Final Chapter:

    Well here we are, the final chapter. Darius decided to make his "EXPOSED" video, and trash a genre of music I like, apparently thinking he was going to "TRIGGER" me. Well grab something to drink, grab a snack, and get ready to laugh your way through the finale. Why the finale you ask? Because this isn't going to be the "Respond to Darius Truxton Channel." If he wants to live in his safe space, ...
  3. Hook, Line, And Sinker...Part 2

    Hook, Line, And Sinker...Part 2:

    Apparently in the eyes of a mental case named Darius Truxton. I am a soy boy and a SJW, and my channel is dead. Strap in gang....this is a good one. Enjoy.
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